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WWE: Official ECW Preview (20/06/06)

The hardcore road to Vengeance continues
June 20, 2006

Tonight on Sci Fi, the world will get to see an inter-promotional tag team dream match that could only happen in ECW. WWE and ECW World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam will team up with the Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle to take on the WWE’s Randy Orton and the Rated-R Superstar Edge.

The tag match, which was agreed to by Executive Assistant Jonathon Coachman on RAW, was a product of the cunning mind of ECW’s Paul Heyman. With RAW in shambles, Heyman seized the opportunity to take advantage of a young and inexperienced Coachman. “Jonathon, I realize you’re having a really rough evening. Surely you realize I’m not here alone. In your parking lot I have a bus load of my ECW rebels, ready to tear Monday Night RAW apart if I give the word. We could have a full scale invasion of RAW. I want to negotiate… Tomorrow night on Sci Fi, I’m envisioning an inter-promotional dream tag team match. Edge, with Lita, will team up with the Legend Killer Randy Orton, and on the other side, I see ECW’s Olympic Champion Kurt Angle, teaming up with ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Rob Van Dam.” Fearing the ramifications of upsetting Heyman, Coachman relented. The master manipulator known as Paul Heyman had done it again. caught up with an anxious RVD just moments after RAW to get his thoughts on tonight’s pending dream match. “Obviously since this is my first match on ECW TV, I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to give me a chance to feel edge out, and vice versa. Of course, I expect to come out on top with the ECW fans supporting RVD all the way.”

Later on RAW, ECW’s hardcore legend Sabu delivered a brutal, ruthless attack on WWE’s John Cena. The death-defying maniac rushed to the ring after Cena’s match against Balls Mahoney, and once again introduced the former WWE Champion to the world of hardcore. A chair shot and a Triple Jump Legdrop through the announce table later, Cena lay bloodied and unconscious on the arena floor. Tonight on Sci Fi, the ECW locker room will be on high alert. A week after delivering on his promise to crash ECW’s premiere, you have to wonder if an angry, revenge-seeking “Doctor of Thuganomics” will pursue a repeat performance.

Last week, ECW on Sci Fi was Tuesday’s No. 1 rated cable television program. What will happen tonight when Rob Van Dam shares a ring with his Vengeance challenger, Edge, five days before they do battle for RVD’s WWE Championship? What will happen when the Wrestling Machine gets his chance to soften up the cocky Legend Killer just days before their monumental pay-per-view rematch?  Will John Cena show up on Sci Fi seeking revenge for Sabu’s brutal attack? The only thing that’s certain is that when the new breed is unleashed, the unpredictable can and will happen.