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WWE: ECW & SmackDown Taping *Spoilers*

Below is brief results from last night’s ECW and SmackDown taping held at the Pepsi Arena in Albany, New York, USA.

Dark Match:
* Matt Hardy defeated Sylvester Turkay

ECW Matches:
* Sabu defeated Tony Mamaluke with a Camel Clutch

* The Sandman defeated Macho Libre (Tony DeVito) after a White Russian Legsweep

* Rob Van Dam & Kurt Angle defeated Edge & Randy Orton after RVD hit a 5 Star Frog Splash on Edge

Show Notes:
* This weeks show featured the debut’s of OVW’s Shelly Martinez (as a unnamed character performing a tarot card reading) and DSW’s Mike Knox (again unamed, who came out to cover up Kelly during her striptease.

* Also John Cena’s match with Sabu at Vegenace on Sunday was made into a Extreme Lumberjack Match.

* A promo aired stating that Test was coming to ECW.

SmackDown Matches:
* WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeated The Mexicools after Kendrick pinned Psicosis who had just missed a Somersault Legdrop

* Simon Dean and Tatanka wrestled to a no-contest after The Great Khali attacked both men

* Finlay defeated Gunnar Scott after hitting him with the shillelagh

* King Booker defeated Lashley by DQ after the referee saw Lashley with a chair brought into the ring by Booker

* Ken Kennedy defeated Funaki

* WWE World Champion Rey Mysterio defeated Mark Henry by DQ, after Chavo Guerrero tricked the referee into thinking Henry had used a chair

Dark Match:
* The Undertaker defeated The Great Khali and Mark Henry