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AWA UK: Promotion Announces Closure

John Chapman has posted the following on AWA UK’s website.

Thanks to all the Fans who have been supportive of me and my Efforts with the AWA (UK). However, I decided last week, I am retiring from Wrestling Promoting. The simple truth is, I just don’t have the time to run the UK end of the AWA anymore to do it justice. I already have a full time position with my normal day job, not to mention being a single parent, that alone takes up a lot of time.

I started to run shows as enjoyment, but recently, the simple truth is I am not enjoying it anymore.

First and foremost, I am a wrestling Fan, but I have to prioritise what is more important. I have a very lucrative full time job, and I can’t jeopardise that – not to mention being away from my daughter when dealing with Wrestling. Therefore, from this point forward, with the spare time I have, I will personally be part of Sanjay Bagga’s LDN team.

Good luck to the other UK promoters of whom I have done business with, and also a special thank you to Dan Edler.

See you all at the shows,