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WWE: Official RAW Preview

Open invitation
July 10, 2006

Last week, Mr. McMahon tried to get rid of his D-Generation X problem by banning the defiant Triple H and Shawn Michaels from RAW at the Wachovia Center. But what he didn’t count on was their ability to embarrass him even worse from outside the arena than they could from inside. So, after last week’s debacle, the Chairman has decided to give DX an open invitation to attend this week’s RAW. What could Mr. McMahon have up his sleeve  for DX?

The WWE Championship is back on RAW. After pinning ECW’s Rob Van Dam—even though it was John Cena who hit RVD with an FU—what type of celebration will new WWE Champion Edge throw on the final RAW before Saturday Night’s Main Event? The last time Edge won the WWE Championship he threw a live sex celebration to ring in his reign as Champion. Does the Rated R Superstar have another X-Rated party planned?

And how will John Cena react to having the Championship stolen from him? We know Cena isn’t above taking drastic measures to make a point, as he’s shown up alone at ECW ready to take on their entire locker room looking for an opportunity to reclaim what he considers his WWE Championship. Now that Cena’s come within inches of reclaiming what he considers his, what will the Dr. of Thuganomics do to retaliate?

One thing that we do know, is that two of the sexiest women on television will be in action as RAW Divas Melina and Trish Stratus will face off. The bad blood between these two has been brewing over the past couple of weeks. Just weeks after making her RAW debut, the brash Melina proclaimed that she was RAW’s top Diva and that Trish was a name from the past. The former Women’s Champion has obviously taken exception to those words, and it has resulted in brutal physicality over the last couple of weeks. What will happen when they finally square off in the ring?

Plus, Mr. McMahon has to be reeling after D-Generation X seized control of the WWE production truck, wrecking havoc on nearly every aspect of RAW. After banning DX from entering the arena backfired last week, HBK and The Game ruined another Monday night for the Chairman without even stepping foot inside the building. What else can Mr. McMahon do to gain control of his company? Is there anything he can do to punish the duo that has made it a point to defy every order he’s given?

Also, the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search will begin on Monday night. The 8 finalists have been selected, and they will be live on RAW for the first time in Sioux City. What will happen on their “first day on the job?” 

Monday Night RAW is the only place it will all be revealed. Watch RAW on Monday at 9/8 CT on the USA network.