UK Wrestling Scene News

Results For 16/07/06: CSF, CombatStar, FSW, SW, TTP & TXW

Combat Sports Federation “No Turning Back”
Assembly Hall, Melksham, Wiltshire

  • Lee Class defeated Cannoe Tango

  • Crispen Bufflee defeated Carl Conroy by countout

  • Justin Richards defeated Money Muscles Mansfield by submission

  • Team H8 defeated Ricky Hype & Jason Sweet Sensation

  • Four Corners Match: Jason Fury defeated Aaron Fusion, Flaming Red and Alex Steele

  • Cage Match: Stu Odyssey defeated Stuart “Eliminator” Natt

Rainham Mark Grammar School, Rainham, Kent

  • Martin Stone defeated James Tighe

  • Phil Powers defeated Johnny Kidd

  • Yoshinobu Kanemura & Takashi Sugiura defeated Jonny Storm & Aviv Mayaan, after Sugiura pinned Mayaan

  • Hade Vansen defeated Doug Williams

  • Leroy Kincade defeated Eric Shwartz

Futureshock Wrestling
Stockport Guildhall, Stockport, Cheshire

  • Joey Hayes defeated Sam Bailey

  • Simon Valour, Sparx, Shannon Phillips & Jamal Lewis defeated G-man, Twissie Romanoff, Jiggy Walker & Jimmy O’shea.

  • Nick Nyte defeated the Gambian Invader

  • Damon Leigh defeated Jack Domino

  • Carl Richards & Jamie Flynt defeated Retro Pop (Dave Rayne & Chris Egan)

  • Battle Royal: Won by Sam Bailey

  • Dirk Feelgood defeated Darren Burridge

Summit Wrestling
Mill Events Centre, Rayleigh, Essex

  • Jimmy Starr defeated Chris Reynolds

  • Steve Grey defeated Marty Scurll

  • Barry Ryan defeated Mr. Dexter

  • Dave Steele defeated Nick Aldis

  • Paul Robinson defeated Phil Harlow

  • Elimination Match: Jimmy Starr, Nick Aldis, Paul Robinson & Mr. Dexter defeated Barry Ryan, Dave Steele, Phil Harlow & Chris Reynolds

Triple Team Promotions “King of the Castle”
Working Men’s Club, Carlisle, Cumbria

  • King of the Castle Tournament 1st Round: Darkside defeated Max Heat

  • King of the Castle Tournament 1st Round: Pac defeated C-Juice

  • King of the Castle Tournament 1st Round: Shady Natrass defeated Chad Collyer

  • King of the Castle Tournament 1st Round: Carbon defeated AJ Anderson

  • The Natrass Boys defeated Lionheart, Heresey & Wolfgang

  • King of the Castle Tournament Final – Four Way Match: Carbon defeated Shady Natrass, Darkside and Pac

Triple X Wrestling “Chop Him In The Face”
Tam O’Shanter Burns Club, Coventry

  • Los Pervitos & Omer Ibrahim defeated CK Light, Andy Shoes & Andy Krae

  • Kurrupt defeated Chris Whitton

  • Zack Sabre Jr & Jimmy Havoc defeated Stiro & Keith Myatt

  • Jonny Milla defeated JP Munroe

  • Quentin Hyde-Styles defeated Edgar Stryfe and Corey Vandal

  • Majik defeated Chris Charizma

  • Jezebel defeated Jetta

  • Dragon Aisu vs. Jon Ryan went to a no contest after the time limit expired