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WWE: Official ECW TV Preview

Back to normal?
July 25, 2006

This week, ECW on Sci Fi returns to its regular time of 10/9 CT.

In the main event, Big Show will defend the ECW World Championship against RAW’s Big Red Monster, Kane, in an Extreme Rules Match. Big Show has had his troubles of late with Kane’s brother Undertaker, but he’s no stranger to the Big Red Monster either.

Just four months ago, Kane & Big Show were World Tag Team Champions on RAW. After losing the gold, however, the two were at each other’s throats for several weeks. Now, they will collide with the ECW World Championship on the line. Which 7-footer will walk out of Detroit with the gold?

Last week, Tommy Dreamer once again tried to confront Paul Heyman about his recent actions, telling Paul that he owed the locker room an explanation. Instead of that, however, Dreamer received a Kiss of Death before being brutally attacked by Test.

In the past, the “Kiss of Death” has led to the end of its recipients. In Biblical terms, Judas Iscariot gave Jesus Christ a Kiss of Death the night before Jesus was crucified. Also, in the movie The Godfather Part II, Michael Corleone plants a kiss on the lips of treasonous brother Fredo shortly before Fredo is executed. tried to get comment from Paul Heyman, but the ECW representative is holding the contents of this week’s show close to his vest. Wiill we see the next chapter in this bizarre saga? 

Find out Tuesday night at 10/9 CT on Sci Fi.