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Results For 04/08/06: UCW & W3L

Ulster Championship Wrestling “Summer Assault”
Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • Number 1 Contendership – Cruiserweight Scramble Match: El Torro Sanchez defeated Jonny Stash, Alex Breslin, Tucker and Jonty

  • Triple Threat Match: Joey Cabray defeated Sensational Shawn Scott and Mick Stupp

  • UCW Tag Team Titles – TLC Match: JDP & Vice defeated The Deathrow Dogs

  • Terry Thompson defeated Colm

  • Cruiserweight International: Anthony Idol defeated Takahiro Fujinami

  • UCW Champions Exhibition Match: Darren Thompson (Hardcore) defeated RODD (Cruiserweight)

  • UCW Title – Last Man Standing Match: Tron (c) defeated The Machine

Source: Ulster Championship Wrestling

World Wide Wrestling League “Road to Summer Fever”
Kelty Club, Kelty, Fife, Scotland
Attendance: 90

  • Judge Jimmie James defeated Dragon Aisu

  • “The Natural” Allan Grogan defeated Loco

  • Tracey Smothers defeated Carl Conroy

  • Mike “The Merchandise” Musso defeated Kid Fite

  • Los Pervitos defeated Tenacious Guns

  • Battle Royal: “The Natural” Allan Grogan and Tracey Smothers were the last two men in the ring and went on to fight for the vacant W3L Heavyweight Title the following night

Source: UKFF