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Game over for Triple H?
August 7, 2006

After announcing that D-Generation X would take on the McMahons at SummerSlam, the Chairman was all smiles with Shawn Michaels left seemingly unconscious in the ring. Following a tiring match with the undefeated Umaga, interference by Mr. McMahon and Shane ensured the Samoan Bulldozer would not only get the victory over HBK, but hopefully injure him in the process.

The Chairman and his son continued the brutal assault after the match, and also told Michaels to give Triple H a message—that he would take on Umaga on RAW the following week.

Since joining RAW in April, The Samoan Bulldozer has ripped through the competition. His savage beatings on HBK — among others — have got to be on The Game’s mind.  Although Triple H is known as one of the fiercest competitors in WWE, he has to wonder about the type of danger he could be subjected to against Umaga. For weeks, DX was one step ahead of the McMahons. Then, after Umaga got tossed into the mix, the scales were tipped against DX for the first time.  Will the Samoan Bulldozer continue his dominance against Triple H on RAW?

Hulk Hogan was originally scheduled to show up at RAW Monday night in Memphis, but a knee injury will prevent him from appearing. His status for his match against Randy Orton at SummerSlam is still unknown.

Randy Orton, however, will definitely be at RAW, facing Jerry “The King” Lawler in “The King’s” hometown of Memphis, Tenn. Two weeks ago, after Hogan dared Orton to step into the ring with him, Lawler made it his business to give the Hulkster a helping-hand. “The King” left his announcer’s post and tossed Orton into the ring to prevent him from getting away from Hogan.

The following week Orton landed a cheap shot on Lawler that knocked him off of his chair. Lawler responded by challenging the Legend Killer to a match on RAW. Will Lawler have the hometown edge when he steps into the ring with, or will he become another victim of the Legend Killer?

A match between WWE Champion Edge and John Cena was also announced for SummerSlam—and there’s a stipulation. If Edge gets disqualified, he will lose the WWE Championship. WWE fans know how fanatical Cena has been about reclaiming the WWE Championship, but Edge has vowed he won’t succumb to the STFU, and that he’ll be the one with his hand raised at SummerSlam. What will Edge have to say on RAW?

Goodbye, Rebecca DiPietro. The third Diva casualty slimmed the pool in the Diva Search contest down to five. This week on RAW, the fourth Diva hopeful will be eliminated. Who will it be?

SummerSlam, the biggest party of the summer, is rapidly approaching and the closer it gets, the more the competition heats up. Watch RAW on Monday night, live on the USA Network at 9/8 CT