Dr Reed's Rumours

Dr Reed’s Rumours: August 2006

From developmental contracts to family BBQ’s the cryptic Dr Reed discusses it all in this latest edition of the Rumours. Find out why he is deemed “The King of Cryptology” in this must read summer edition of the rumours…

Hello everyone and welcome once again to the US Scene’s Hottest new column, Doctor Reed’s Rumours. As ever I’m your host the inspirational Dr Christopher Reed. As we are now into August it usually sets in around this time that the summer will come to an end soon, now I’m not trying to make you nostalgic but take a minute to look back at your summer and sum up how eventful it has been. Did you to get away this summer? Unfortunately I didn’t due to writing inspiring pieces for superb websites. Did you manage to have that family BBQ that you’ve been putting off for so long? Thankfully I didn’t due to prioritising my time so that I spend a lot of it writing formidable articles for exquisite websites.

So now that our trip down memory lane is over with hopefully you are feeling relaxed (my apologies if I have made you remember an event you’d rather forget) and your ready to embark on the voyage that is Dr Reed’s Rumours.

The WWE is hoping to create some nostalgic moments over the next couple of weeks as they present to us, “Summerslam”.

Will we see a legendary event, an event that leaves us full of vigour and vitality?
I don’t know about that but I do know that without further a due I present to you W101 readers four rumours that deal with current storylines in the WWE.

When the summer is over and winter approaches we take a look back at our memories of the summer and remember the good times, I want you W101 fans to remember this:

** You will be misinformed by MANY of the rumours you read in the next couple of lines. Dr Christopher Reed will not be held responsible: BY READING THIS TO YOURSELF YOU ARE WAVING ANY LEGAL PROSECUTIONS AGAINST CHRISTOPHER REED. **

1. In last months edition of the Rumours I discussed the re-generation of Degeneration X. Now with the McMahon’s gaining the advantage heading into Summerslam it seems as though the flame is rapidly burning out for DX and with Shawn Michaels’s impending knee surgery the future does look bleak for DX. But who knows, with the rapidly increasing merchandise sales and Raw ratings, HBK and HHH may be together for some time to come. Now call me a cynic but I can’t help but notice during Vince McMahon’s promos his son Shane McMahon seems to look very un-easy. Your favourite Doctor has two theories on why this may be? Perhaps it is that with Vince being over sixty his memory isn’t what it used to be and the WWE Chairman is forgetting to even the most of things like shower in a morning. Or perhaps Shane McMahon is looking un-easy next to his father because Shane has been lying to him; perhaps Shane is finding it quite difficult to wrestle with his conscience. Maybe at WWE Summerslam Shane O-Mac will slam duck his relationship with his father for a life of debauchery and lasciviousness? He purchased WCW before his father had the chance will Shane McMahon do what McMahon’s do best and indulge in betrayal?

2. It was reported early last week that former WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy has resigned with the WWE this was then confirmed on last Monday’s edition of Raw when a Jeff Hardy ‘Coming soon’ video was shown. This video showed highlights from Jeff Hardy’s death defying leaps and amazing manoeuvres. After watching this video I couldn’t help but feel it will be only a matter of time before The Hardy Boys will be re-united, will Jeff go to Raw seeing as the promo video was on Raw, will Matt join him or will Jeff go to Smackdown to join Matt? Whatever the outcome, the future in WWE for Jeff Hardy looks very extreme indeed.

3. When a bundle of joy is born into this ever-morphing world, time almost stands still for the family members as they become overjoyed at the miracle of birth. The McMahon family have recently experienced this occasion when Aurora Rose Levesque was born into wrestlings most powerful family. Upon hearing this wonderful news I began to ponder on what sort of Birthday presents Grandpa Vince would give his grandaughter. On her sixteenth, The position of Smackdown General Manager. For her eighteenth, a playboy photo shoot (pending her fathers permission). For her twenty-first, a birthday party held on the grandest stage of them all-Wrestlemaina! Congratulations once again to the entire McMahon family but much more felicitations to Aurora Rose because the power is back!

4. The word ‘united’ is defined as ‘working together’, in various aspects of our lives we see people working together to achieve a common goal whether it is in the workplace or even between our respective political leaders. The WWE encourages unity between Americans and the English for example current Smackdown Superstar William Regal’s friendship with King Booker. William and Booker are a united force. I also saw unity between actors and professional wrestlers when I recently visited the film set of Utopian Pictures movie ‘Tough Justice’ featuring NPWA Superstar Gary Wild and Katarina Waters, (formerly known as ‘Nikita’). Waters has recently signed a developmental deal with WWE, according to my source, The WWE are keen to promote this theme of unity and will be pairing Waters up with fellow English native Paul Burchill. Who knows what sort of bubbling relationship Waters and Burchill will have? With him being a former pirate and Waters being formally known as ‘the queen of chaos’ I do think it is safe to say that many WWE superstars will be walking the plank before this pernicious duo are done.

And on that note I have to depart you fans for this month as I’m off on a swashbuckling adventure, (attempting to bath my dog).

Until next month fans remember those vocies in your head talk a lot of sense and may even enable you to write a monthly column.

Dr Reed