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WWE: Official SmackDown Preview

Biggest fallout of the summer
August 25, 2006 has learned that King Booker requests the presence of all peasants on SmackDown for a royal knighthood ceremony. This will be the first ceremony of this kind to ever take place on SmackDown. What will his majesty have in store for his loyal subjects?

The Animal got the victory he hoped for over King Booker at SummerSlam, but left without the gold he so deeply desires. Thanks to interference from Queen Sharmell, the referee was forced to disqualify the King, allowing his majesty to leave the TD BankNorth Garden with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. Will The Animal continue his quest towards reclaiming the gold on SmackDown?

At SummerSlam, Vickie Guerrero inadvertently bumped Rey Mysterio off the top rope during his match with Chavo Guerrero, allowing Chavo to hit the Frog Splash and get the pin. Sources have informed that a distraught Vickie Guerrero has requested time on SmackDown to address her physical involvement at SummerSlam. General Manager Thedore Long will permit Vickie some time on SmackDown, but what will she have to say?

Rey told that he was confused about what happened at SummerSlam…will he find answers on SmackDown? Following his dramatic victory, will Chavo show up on SmackDown?

Also on SmackDown, has learned that Sylvester Terkay will battle Tatanka. Can Tatanka overcome his recent bad luck in the ring to end Terkay’s winning streak? Can Terkay bully the Native American Warrior?