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UK Scene #230

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene with me, your ever lovable Saz coming to the end of the summer season. We are beginning to see a lot more action now we are heading for the winter half of the UK wrestling season…

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene with me, your ever lovable Saz coming to the end of the summer season.

We are beginning to see a lot more action now we are heading for the winter half of the UK wrestling season.

What is of note are the companies that have been announcing that they will appear on the wrestling channel. Real Quality Wrestling (RQW) for those who don’t know include UK Scene Top 50 wrestlers Ricky Knight (8th), Robbie Brookside (11th) and the only ranked female wrestler, Sweet Saraya (44). So classic wrestling fans are in for a treat.

The other announcement is IPW:UK, which will be fun with the recent threads of “are they the 1PW’s UK arm?”.

Good luck to them both!

What we do care about in all aspects of the UK Scene is your opinion, especially the paying punter, so if you have a say you are more than welcome to express it, whether it is a popular opinion or not.


W3L have announced the first matches for “September 2 Dismember” held at the Carnegie Leisure Centre in Dunfermline, Scotland on Saturday 23rd September.

Currently card reads:

  • W3L Tag Team Titles – Ladder Match: Fight Club (c) vs. Los Pervitos

  • W3L Heavyweight Title: Alan Grogan (c) vs. Tracy Smothers


LDN are providing wrestlers for a charity show at the Terrance Macmillan Stadium, Plaistow, East London, E13 on 24th September to raise money for the Support line charity.

Wrestlers to appear are:

– East End’s Jon Ritchie
– Sanjay Bagga who shall address the Metropolitan Police
– The Gift Ross Jordan
– Chris Wyld
– Project Future
– Welsh Assembly
– Yorghos
And many, many more.

IPW:UK have updated the cards for their “The Anniversary Weekender” shows, both of which will be held at the Orpington Halls in Orpington, Kent.

Night One – 23rd September

Card reads:

  • Dragon Phoenix vs. Jack Storm

  • Spud vs. Dave Moralez

  • Kris Linnell vs. Curve

  • Andy Boy Simmonz vs. Doug Williams

  • Fatal Four Way: Super Dragon vs. El Generico vs. Kevin Steen vs. Pac

  • IPW:UK Title – Hardcore Rules, No DQ or Countout: Martin Stone (c) vs. winner of contenders match

Night Two – 24th September

Card reads:

  • Aviv Maayan vs. Paul Robinson

  • Ultimo Dragon, Pac, Ashley Reed and more to be announced

  • IPW:UK Tag Team Titles – Tables Ladders & Chairs: The Untouchables (Jack Storm & Dave Moralez) (c) vs. The Dragon Hearts (Spud & Dragon Phoenix)

Plus IPW:UK Champion Martin Stone, Kevin Steen, El Generico and more!


NBW continue to announce matches for “Champs and Contenders” to be held on 23rd September at the Notts County Football Ground in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

Current card reads:

  • NBW Middleweight Title: Dan Head (c) vs. Paul Malen (just added)

  • NBW Cruiserweight Title: Kris Travis (c) vs. Bubblegum

  • Killer Instinct (Tiger X & Angelblade) vs. Jay Beaver & Adrenaline

  • Number One Contenders Match For NBW Heavyweight Title: Stixx vs. James Tighe

LWL have announced the details for “Aftershock” on Tuesday 19th September at the Legend’s Members in Wolverhampton.. Tickets are £4.50 each or £2.50 for concessions.

Currently card reads:

  • Matthew J Stark & Maverick vs. Beer Fueled Violence

  • Mad Dog Maxx vs. Ozzie J

  • LWL Tag Team Titles – Losers Disband Match: The Dark Alliance (c) vs. The University of Insanology

Also set to appear are: Robbie Everest, Tommy Gunn, KIA, Janus, Onslaught, LWL National Pride Champion Jonny Costello and LWL Heavyweight Champion Kade Callous.

FCW have announced “Rock and Wrestling” to be held at JBs Nightclub, Dudley on 10th September 2006. This show will be an over 18s show, followed with performances by the popular rock band known as Godsize.

More information (and a competition to win tickets) can be found on FCW’s Website.

Official forums @ Talk Wrestling Online


If you are interested in becoming a professional wrestling, we are here for you on the Talk Wrestling Online Forums, with a comprehensive list of training schools throughout the UK and now with links to suppliers of wrestling gear too! See how good we are to you?

Click here to see the list!

And Finally…

With great power comes great responsibility” was a lesson I was given in the days of reading Spiderman comics as a child.

In a way it is very true that every UK Wrestler has a responsibility to every fan of the UK wrestling scene, they are our lifeblood and they should be taken care of.

Public arguments, splits and reforming as a new company is something that only wrestlers should know about, we do seem to see evidence of it every month though as yet another company has formed and are looking for a “cool” way of playing with the 3 letter anacronym.

But the only people who can sort this out is the people involved.

Take care.