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WWE: Official SmackDown Preview

Summer burn out
September 1, 2006 has learned that General Manager Theodore Long has ordered a contract signing between King Booker and Batista to take place this week on SmackDown. The contract that they will sign will be for a World Heavyweight Championship rematch on the Sept. 8 edition of SmackDown. What will happen when the champion and the challenger meet in the same ring just one week before the epic rematch?

Last week, Batista defeated World Heavyweight Champion King Booker for the second time in a week’s time. The Animal prevailed against is majesty at SummerSlam by disqualification, but on Friday night, Batista pinned the King in the middle of the ring. Batista also blemished King Booker’s evening of celebration and defiled the King’s newly appointed knights, Sir Finlay and Sir William Regal. Will the King and his men retaliate on SmackDown?

Also, Rey Mysterio has reportedly been in a fog all week and is still trying to make sense of what occurred last Friday on SmackDown. Last week, Vickie Guerrero stunned the world when she closed her SmackDown address with a bang – a bang that came from the swing of a chair to the body of Rey Mysterio. Mysterio will look to gain the answer to the ultimate question: why? Was this an elaborate plan devised by the two Guerreros? Has Rey been set up for this fall since day one? Will Vickie and Chavo provide any insight to this unexpected turn of events?

In addition to other action, The Miz will make his long-awaited in-ring debut on SmackDown this week. What type of antics will the animated Superstar bring to the squared circle this week?

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