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WWE: Official RAW Preview

Hardy eyes IC Championship
September 4, 2006

Less than a month after making his return to WWE, Jeff Hardy has the opportunity to wear WWE gold around his waist when he takes on Johnny Nitro for the Intercontinental Championship tonight on RAW.

The returning Hardy earned his title match when he defeated “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton last week on RAW. After the match, Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro told that Hardy’s unique in-ring style may actually hinder the challenger more than help him.

“Jeff Hardy thinks he can take the Intercontinental Championship from me. He thinks he’s a risk taker – maybe an adrenaline junkie, a thrill-seeker of sorts – but what he doesn’t realize is I’m smarter than that. I take calculated risks, he takes uncalculated risks, and that’s what’s gonna cost him his shot at the title,” declared a resolute Nitro.

Will Hardy’s risk-taking cost him on Monday night? Or will Nitro’s comments prove wrong? Find out on RAW.

DX Destroyed?
Mr. McMahon sent a vicious message to DX last week on RAW. After recruiting SmackDown’s Sir William Regal, U.S. Champion Finlay, Mr. Kennedy and ECW’s Big Show to wear down Shawn Michaels and Triple H, the Chairman finished the job off with the help of his trusty lead pipe. He left D-Generation X in the ring in a puddle of their own blood with a message that the McMahons were ready for a rematch — in a Hell in a Cell Match with Big Show on the McMahons’ side. How will DX respond to the Chairman’s latest attempt to destroy them?

After accepting John Cena’s challenge for a match at Unforgiven – with the stipulation that will send Cena to SmackDown for three years if he loses – Edge said he agreed only if he was able to choose the type of match.

During Cena’s match with Chris Masters on RAW, The Rated R Superstar interrupted and attacked Cena with tables, ladders and chairs. He then informed his challenger that at Unforgiven, it would be a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match — a match Edge has never lost and one that Cena has never competed in. Unforgiven is also being held in the champion’s hometown of Toronto, Canada. Are the odds too great for Cena to overcome? Will Edge send his archrival to SmackDown?

Romance Killer
Two weeks ago on RAW, Carlito got involved in Randy Orton’s match with Ric Flair. For payback, Orton blasted Carlito and Trish Stratus against a wall while the two were sharing a romantic moment. Carlito responded to that by spitting an apple into Orton’s face during the Legend Killer’s No. 1 Contender Match against Jeff Hardy, inadvertently costing Orton the match. In their game of one-upmanship, how will the Legend Killer respond?

To find out the answers, watch RAW at 9/8 CT only on the USA Network.