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3CW: Updated Card For “Darkest Deeds 3” Show On September 15th

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PRESS RELEASE (For immediate distribution)

In its short history, Darkest Deeds has always featured a match that was seemingly bigger than on other 3CW shows. At the first show two years ago we saw the 3CW Heavyweight Championship and the NWA Scottish Heavyweight Championship on the line in the same match as Conscience battled the former Ice XVII (Dragon Aisu)… In 2005, ‘The Showstealer’ Alex Shane took on Conscience for the very first time in an NWA Vs. FWA Darkest Dream match… And now, this year, 3CW and are proud to announce that at Darkest Deeds III, the first EVER War Games UK match will happen on September 15th in 3CW at the Billingham Synthonia Social Club! Though it will take place in a single cage and feature two teams of four against each other in strategic combat, like War Games of old, War Games UK will be an incredibly brutal and barbaric affair! This match is not for the faint of heart!

The rules remain traditional as two men begin then, after five minutes, the referee, who will remain on the outside, will hold a coin toss to determine who will enter the battle zone next. Obviously, this gives this man’s team the temporary handicap advantage. After two minutes, a member from the other team will enter to even the odds. This will then continue with single members entering the match every two minutes, giving the coin toss-winning team the temporary advantage in the numbers game before giving the opposing team the advantage with the freshest man and even odds. Once all eight men enter the cage, THE MATCH BEYOND will begin and then and only then, a ref will enter the ring. Both teams will brawl in the cage for as long as it takes until a member of either team submits, surrenders, or is knocked unconscious, as tradition has dictated!

For the first time, War Games will happen in the UK. You can join us for what will surely be one of 3CW’s biggest shows ever at Darkest Deeds 3 on September 15th, Billingham Synthonia Social Club, Belasis Avenue, Billingham, Cleveland.

We have it confirmed, and the challenge was made and accepted in Northallerton on the 25th of August – WAR GAMES UK has it’s team captains, and they are none other than “The Anarchist” Doug Williams and the Damned Nation’s Majik. Blatant interference from Gabriel Grey led to Williams and Majik both being counted out and BOTH being eliminated from the Lord of the Ring tournament – with the plan seeming to be to eliminate Williams as a potential threat for stable mate the Celtic Tiger, Blake Norton. Majik however has now found himself in far deeper than he had imagined, as he will captain a four man team at War Games UK against Williams’ team, and is also GUARANTEED to be the #1 entrant for his team – facing off with Williams for five minutes, inside the steel cage, one on one!!

Following Vincent D. White’s controversial and tainted victory over former tag partner Mr 50/50 Dan Evans on the 25th, the challenge was made, and it’s now official – White will join Majik’s team for War Games UK, whilst Mr 50/50 lines up alongside the Anarchist, Doug Williams! There’s certainly a whole lotta bad blood between the two former 3CW Tag Championship partners, so come the 15th this will be explosive!

The last four competitors to be confirmed for War Games:UK are all four competitors from 3CW Midsummer Showdowns much acclaimed TLC match! After a fast paced and high impact TLC match that saw the Champions retain, we’ve just heard the exclusive news that agent Sean David has signed The Best Kept Secrets – Anthony McIntyre and Little Dragon – up onto Team Majik for War Games UK – and in return it has taken VERY little convincing for the 3CW Tag Team Champions, Team Dormanstown – Chris Whitton and Kid Richie – to join up with Team Anarchist! McIntyre and Dragon may have lost the battle in July but they’re most determined that they’ll prove who allegedly “carried” Team Dormanstown to their Championship, and they’ll continue on that path by attempting to eliminate the exciting Redcar natives as a factor in War Games! Whitton and Richie meanwhile were the first choice for captain Doug Williams, and the Anarchist will be delighted to have the duo on board – and they’ll most certainly be looking to make FULL use of the cage!

It’s safe to say that the Damned Nation’s Dragon Aisu and the nefarious Gabriel Grey were a LITTLE ticked off after 3CW Champion Pac, then still out of action with rib injuries, interjected himself while Grey was trying to make his cane a permanent part of Cameron Kraze’s skull, thus causing Aisu to be sensationally defeated by the Kraze clan leader! This of course followed Grey and Aisu’s interruption of Pac trying to address the great North Ormesby fans earlier in the evening, attempting to explain why, due to his injuries, he was not able to perform that night. Needless to say the bad blood has continued to boil, no more so than at 3CW’s IWC show on August 25th. Forced to team up to represent 3CW, Aisu and Pac struggled to get on throughout the match. In the heat of battle, just as Pac had hit his spectacular Shooting Star Press on Ashley Reed, Aisu stopped him making the cover and levelled the champ with the Canadian Destroyer, taking the pin over Reed himself. Because of this Pac has made the unprecidented step of calling Dragon Aisu out for Darkest Deeds 3 and challenging HIM to a Championship Match, purely so he can extract a measure of revenge! We may already have the War Games on the 15th, but make no mistake – this one’s gonna be personal!

The third annual Lord of the Ring wraps up as is now the custom, in September at Darkest Deeds 3. The stakes have never been higher this year, as the winner is not only Lord of the Ring 2006, but is also the NEW 3CW Young Lions Champion!

A delighted William Grange had learned during the course of the show on the 25th that he is now officially a Lord of the Ring 2006 Finalist – having wrestled only one quarter final match! Grange receives a bye thanks to the actions of Majik and Gabriel Grey, meaning he will face off against the winner of the remaining Semi Final match later in the night.

That match, of course, will feature the man who claims to be the “crown jewel of European Pro Wrestling” – the Celtic Tiger, Blake Norton facing off the man who faces undoubtably the biggest night of his professional career to date – Cameron Kraze. Kraze, better known for his tag team work with his brothers from other mothers, was dismissed by many as filler in this tournament, especially after he was drawn against Dragon Aisu in the Quarter Final. He has, however, shocked the World by DEFEATING Aisu fair and square, and he will now face off against an angry Dragon’s stable mate – the Celtic Tiger. Blake himself harbours grander ambitions than simply winning the Lord of the Ring 2006 but he sees the tournament as a crucial stepping stone… and certainly will be looking to step ON Kraze en route to ultimate victory. Can the powerful yet inexperienced Kraze pull off a victory, or will the Stu Lock decide matters?

As fans will be aware, throughout the summer 3CW has played host to an array of stars from Japan’s Pro Wrestling NOAH. This continues in September, as high flying sensations Ricky Marvin and Taiji Ishimori stop off in Billingham during their whirlwind tour of the UK to participate in a huge 4-Way Tag Team Battle! So intense is the competition in 3CW’s tag division officials have had no option but to let the teams loose at each other all at the same time! We’ll have more information coming up on this one, but we do understand the following teams are also confirmed:

The Kraze – starring Marky B Kraze and El Ligero! – With big Cameron all set to challenge for Lord of the Ring glory following the tandom’s oh-so-close shot at Team Dormanstown in Northallerton, this left the masked Two-Tone Terror Marky B Kraze without a partner. Fortunately a Kraze is never short of companions, and Marky has managed to convince the Mexican Kraze, El Ligero to team with him at Darkest Deeds! The UK-based Luchador will certainly be looking to make an impression on Ishimori and Marvin, whilst it’ll be interesting to see how well the masked members of the Kraze family function as a tag team unit!!

Los Pervitos – Coming off the back of two defeats to both Team Dormanstown and in a shock upset the Unbreakables, Los Pervitos just can’t buy a win since shockingly downing Tracy Smothers at Midsummer Showdown. The “Mexican Twin Brothers” will be looking to cause a sensation by running through their competition in this one. Most notibly, they’ll be in with both a Kraze team AND the Unbreakables, and thus whilst they’ll be looking to walk away with the victory, this may well be an uphill struggle for Tim and Mojo!

The Unbreakables – EdEn and Stevie Lynn-protege Martin Kirby may be on a high after the first win of their short tag team careers – and indeed the first pinfall for Kirby ever – but this will be the very definition of being thrown in at the deep end! The duo, more weathered 3CW competitor EdEn and rookie sensation Kirby – will need everything they have to come away from this one with a result, but with the same having been said last month against Los Pervitos in two-on-two action never say never!

At the last two years of Darkest Deeds shows, one man has been synonomous with the event; the Last True Phenom: Conscience! The former NWA Scottish champion and 3CW Heavyweight champion has been out of action for a while in 3CW, but he has vowed to return at Darkest Deeds 3 stronger and better than ever. There is no word yet on who Conscience will be wrestling, and we may not know until the night, but you can guarantee that he will be looking to make a lasting impression on the loyal Billingham crowd.

Northallerton fans wishing to see just how Darkest Deeds 3 plays out after events on the 25th of August can now do so with the greatest of ease, as 3CW is teaming up with local skate shop Popcorn to provide a local point for ticket sales, and to arrange transport for any locals who may not be able to make their own way to the event. We encourage anyone interested to pop along to Popcorn on the High Street in Northallerton to grab your tickets and register your interest – and of course spend some money on Popcorn’s wide range of wrestling merchandise and memorabillia!

We understand interest in the Scottish travel deal being offered is exceptionally high, and only a few seats remain! If you’re Scottish based and wish to travel to see one of 3CW’s biggest shows of the year, make sure to get yourself booked onto the bus as soon as possible – more information on both the Scottish travel deal and the Doncaster bus are available via []

The line up…

TEAM ANARCHIST (Doug Williams, Dan Evans, Chris Whitton and Kid Richie)
TEAM MAJIK (Majik, Vincent D. White, Anthony McIntyre and Little Dragon)

Pac © Vs. Dragon Aisu (w/ Gabriel Grey)

Semi-Final Match
Blake Norton Vs. Cameron Kraze

Final William Grange Esq Vs. Winner of Semi-Final

Team NOAH (Taiji Ishimori & Ricky Marvin)
The Kraze (El Ligero & Marky B Kraze)
Los Pervitos (Tim & Mojo Pervito)
The Unbreakables (EdEn & Martin Kirby)

Plus the return to 3CW of CONSCIENCE and MUCH MUCH more…     Please also note 3CW’s local ticket outlets should you wish to pick up some Darkest Deeds 3 tickets from your local town. Popcorn in Northallerton have tickets on sale for upcoming 3CW events, whilst Sound It Out in Stockton also have an allocation of standard seating in stock, and Jack Hatfields Sports have also received tickets. Tickets are NOW ON SALE via the online shop ( and the venue! The details:

£5 ADULT/£4 KIDS and OAPs/£15 FAMILY TICKET (at least two children)


£7 ADULT/£6 KIDS and OAPs/£21 FAMILY TICKET (at least two children)

The Venue Details:

Billingham Synthonia Social Club
Belasis Avenue,
TS23 1LH
01642 553102

Doors: 7pm
Bell time: 7:30pm