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WWE: Official SmackDown Preview

Animal Kingdom
September 8, 2006

Last Friday, King Booker and Batista signed on the dotted line for a World Heavyweight Championship match this week on SmackDown. The Animal held the Championship for nearly nine months before he was forced to relinquish the gold due to injury. According to Batista, he should still be the World Heavyweight Champion, and he will get another chance to prove that this week on SmackDown. Will we see the end of King Booker’s Kingdom? Will the Animal claim the throne?

There was also a new United States Champion crowned last Friday. Mr. Kennedy defeated former Champion Finlay and hard-hitting Superstar Bobby Lashley to claim the gold. Because of the rules of a Triple Threat, the Champion can lose the gold without being pinned, and that’s exactly what happened to the angry Irishman. What will Finlay have to say about losing the gold in such a manner? Will he take out his frustration on a fellow Superstar? has learned that new United States Champion Mr. Kennedy will celebrate his one year anniversary on SmackDown by making a “major announcement” on Friday. What will the arrogant champion say to the Columbus fans on SmackDown?

Last week, Vickie Guerrero told Rey Mysterio that he was an “insignificant part of her past”, and slapped him across the face. Afterwards, she announced that she was Chavo Guerrero’s new business manager. What will Rey have to say about Vickie and Chavo’s new partnership? What will Vickie and Chavo do in the first week of their merger?

The Miz made a surprising successful debut against Tatanka on last week’s show. The energetic and sometimes overanxious former reality star’s win was not without controversy though. Mizanin repeatedly mocked Tatanka’s Native American culture throughout the match, and later, used the ropes for leverage in recording the pin. What will the Miz have to say about his impressive debut?

You can see all the action for yourself next week a 8/7 CT on UPN.

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