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WWE: Official ECW on Sci Fi Preview

Extreme debut
September 12, 2006

For the first time in history, ECW will perform Madison Square Garden. The New York ECW fans always make for an exciting and special show and it will be a memorable night for Extremists in World’s Most Famous Arena. This Tuesday, ECW on Sci Fi is sure to be a show like no other.

To make things even more spectacular, the first ECW World Title defense at the Garden will take place when Big Show and Sabu face off in an Extreme Rules Match. The last time these legendary Extremists met, Sabu was disqualified when he lost his temper and attacked the champ with the ring bell, busting him open. With no rules to stand in the way, what will happen when the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac meets the extreme giant?

In another huge face off, Rob Van Dam will face Hardcore Holly. The rivalry, which has been building for weeks, first started when ECW cult leader Paul Heyman whispered to Holly the  name of an Extremist who was particularly vocal against Holly joining the brand. Since then, the ECW new comer has been making an impact by attacking RVD with an incredible fury. Who will emerge as the top Extremist?

Last week, Balls Mahoney was the victim of Kevin Thorn and Ariel’s distraction on ECW on Sci Fi, resulting in Balls’ defeat to Stevie Richards. Will Mahoney retaliate?

Find out by tuning in to ECW on Sci Fi, live every Tuesday at 10/9 CT.