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NPWA: Final Card For "Strive to Survive 5" On September 29th

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NPWA Strive to Survive 5
September 29th
Mr Earl’s Club, Earl Street, Ince, Wigan, WN2 2EN
Tickets: £5 Adult, £4 Children
Doors: 7PM, Show: 7:45PM

Grudge Match:
The Fireball Vs Jonny Storm

This match was created by the events surrounding Night of Champions 5. The personal war between The Governing Body and Paul Andrews had reached a new level and Governor Marsden signed the Wonderkid to team up with The Fireball to take on Andrews and Jody Fleisch.

Storm and Fireball would come up on the losing end of the contest, so Marsden refused to pay Storm for his services. Storm chose to take his anger out on Fireball by delivering a vicious superkick, knocking him out cold. Defeated and embarrassed, Marsden signed this grudge match for our September 29th event.

Since NOC5 both wrestlers have taken very different paths. Jonny Storm came close to becoming FWA Heavyweight Champion on a couple of occasions and has made successful defences of his 1PW Tag Team Championship alongside Fleisch and recently he toured Germany where he competed for the ACW German Heavyweight Championship.

Fireball, on the other hand, was removed from NPWA events and sent to Europe to be trained by some of Europe’s greatest wrestlers to fully prepare himself for his upcoming clash with Storm. He returned to action at the start of the month and picked up a win at Revelations alongside his Governing Body teammates and then toppled long time rival Adrian Myers on NNTV Episode 5.

As well as having different ways of preparing for this upcoming contest, they have greatly varying styles. Storm likes to be fast paced and use highflying moves, where Fireball prefers to slow things down and wear down his opponents with tough blows and holds.

This match looks to be one of the highlights of the year and is certainly highly anticipated by NPWA fans and wrestlers alike. You can see it live and in person on September 29th at Mr Earls Club in Wigan for just £5!

Six Man Tag Team Survival Match:
The Governing Body Vs NPWA International Champion Crux, Josh Rhodes and “The Human Wrecking Machine” Sebb

The original Strive to Survive saw a three man team that had proven themselves as a dominating force in the NPWA go head to head in a war with three men united against them and that is what you will see at Strive to Survive 5.

The Governing Body – AC Kage, Bodycount and “The Model” Adonis have agreed to compete in this traditional survival match to try and settle some long running rivalries. The feud between AC Kage and Crux has been going on all year long as they collided several times over the International Championship. Kage added to the injuries of Paul Andrews during their battles over the IN Title, so Andrews’ agent LC Kobra brought in Josh Rhodes from the USA to try and get revenge and the two met face to face at both Night of Champions 5 and Revelations, where Rhodes felt the power of the Governing Body.

The other main rivalry in this match is between Sebb and Bodycount, which kicked off at Life Expectancy in May, when Sebb was assaulted by the Governing Body and had his ribs broken. Sebb gathered a team to take on the Body in his hometown at Conspiracy theory and came out with a victory, but after the match Bodycount attacked one of Sebb’s fans before he was fought ff. Static Doll would join Sebb as his valet after that incident, but that would just put her in more danger. Sebb was able to defeat Bodycount in a one on one collision at Counter Attack, but not before Static Doll found herself on the wrong end of a devastating Death Valley Driver from the “Strongstyle Serial Killa.”

The Board of Directors attempted to bring these feuds to a close at revelations, when Fireball, Kage and Bodycount took on Sebb, Crux and Chris Sabre but the match would end with some controversy. Crux would take out both himself and Kage with a doomsday dropkick, but a blind tag would allow Bodycount to steal a victory over Sebb with an Ace Crusher.

In this match one team must be completely eliminated for the other to take the win, one team will clearly be the winners, the other the losers, this match should bring a conclusion to these long running rivalries. All of this history between the competitors makes this a match that you can’t afford to miss because they will do anything to take the win in this match.

Who will Survive? Find out on September 29th live at Mr Earl’s Club in Wigan.

Paul “Flash” Andrews Vs Kevin OmeGa
In his latest edition of the Breaking News Mark Mason reported that Paul Andrews had several injuries and would not be permitted to return to action for the foreseeable future. However, when he was interviewed by Gary Wild on NNTV Flash stated that he would compete at Strive to Survive 5 for the people, whether the doctor wants him to or not.

The reason why Andrews is so determined to compete is because he is scheduled to go one on one with “The True Face of Fear” Kevin OmeGa.

OmeGa believes that it is Andrews’ fault that he is no longer Triple T Champion and also blames him for his loss in the International Championship match at Counter Attack. He even confronted Andrews during his interview but was battered and embarrassed by both Andrews and Gary Wild.

Andrews was attacked later on that night in the parking lot and further damage was done to his shoulder, but Flash is determined to make it to the ring to compete at Strive to Survive to teach OmeGa a thing or two about respect. We do not know what Flash’s physical condition is at this time, but he is sure to bring all the fight he has in him into this contest.

This feud really has heated up in a very short amount of time and something has got to give. Expect a real battle out of these two; it could well become a battle for survival.

Tag Team Action!
Brickwall and Paul Havoc Vs F8L Fury

Brickwall and Paul Havoc are certainly a formidable team and they were set to challenge Heaven and Hell for the Tag Team Championships at Revelations, but that was before Gary Wild was injured and the card was changed. They are due a title shot, but as the Tag Team Champions are predisposed on September 29th, the Board of Directors have found them opponents that will be just as tough a challenge for them.

“Party Time” Angel D’Souza and Paul “Demo” Gibson, F8L Fury, will debut as a team in the NPWA and will be looking to make their mark. A unique mix of power and speed they aim to be the best at what they do but also want to have fun and entertain their fans by doing so.

This will certainly be an interesting clash between potential number one contenders and a brand new tag team. Will Wall and Havoc dominate, or will it be Party time for F8L Fury? Be at Mr Earls on September 29th to see for yourself.

Governor Marsden’s Words of Wisdom
The Governor has not announced any guests for this edition of his Words of Wisdom, but he has promised to address several issues. First of all he will discuss Enigma and his suspension. Fans and Wildcat Inc alike want to know when this great wrestler will return to the ring and Marsden is responsible for setting the date.

Another major issue that Governor Marsden has promised to address is the condition of NPWA Champion Gary Wild after he was injured a few weeks ago, and the status of the NPWA Championship after he failed to defend it to Glorificus.

Of course the Governor will not be alone; his team of Bodyguards and his lovely PA Lady Tara Hawkins will join him. This looks like one Words of Wisdom that you can’t afford to miss.

Triple T Championship – Elimination Match
Chris Sabre Vs Adrian Myers Vs Matt Jay

In true Strive to Survive tradition this match will take place under elimination rules. Two men must be eliminated by pinfall, submission or disqualification; the man who survives will be Triple T Champion.

The history between these three competitors is certainly an interesting one. Myers and Sabre were once rivals as Sabre helped Kevin OmeGa to defeat Myers on several occasions. Even after Sabre left OmeGa’s side, it was he who eliminated Myers from last months Furious Five Match and went on to win the Championship for himself.

Matt Jay attacked Chris Sabre after his victory at Counter Attack and again during the Rumble match at Revelations. Matt Jay and Myers have teamed up in the past against Kevin OmeGa, perhaps they plan to unite again against Chris Sabre.

Clearly all of these men have just one thing in mind and that’s the Triple T Championship, but only one of them can hold the gold.

Will it be every man for himself or will two decide to take out the other first?
Who deserves the gold? That’s up to you.
Who will take the gold? That must be settled in the ring.

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