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WWE: Official RAW Preview

Steel Cage showdown
October 2, 2006

The WWE Championship will be on the line when RAW heads to Topeka, Kan.

Who will be champion?
This week, Edge will invoke his rematch clause and challenge John Cena for the WWE Championship inside a 15-foot high Steel Cage. Last week, Edge looked on as King Booker and his Court destroyed Cena, making him kiss The King’s feet. Just days before he meets Edge on RAW, Cena will be on SmackDown to meet the Court in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. What condition will Cena be in when he gets to Topeka, and will that work to Edge’s advantage?

What’s next for DX?
DX nearly ran the gauntlet last week, but after defeating The Highlanders and Haas & Viscera, their match with Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch ended in a double disqualification. Cade & Murdoch have been a thorn in the degenerates’ sides for a few weeks now; will that trend continue in Topeka?

A New Intercontinental Champion?
Jeff Hardy will have an opportunity to become a two-time Intercontinental Champion when he faces Johnny Nitro on RAW. Nitro has somehow been able to emerge victorious against a slew of opponents — including Hardy — to remain the champion. Can he do it again or does Hardy have the strategy to unseat Nitro for the gold?

Which monster is truly supreme?
Despite being banned from ringside last week, Umaga interrupted Kane’s match with Johnny Nitro, leaving the Big Red Monster beaten in the ring after assaulting him with the ring steps. It is clear that the war between these two monsters is far from over; but will there be any repercussions on the Samoan Bulldozer for defying Jonathan Coachman’s ban? And either way, will Kane be in any condition to come looking for revenge?