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WWE: Official ECW on Sci Fi Preview

Overstepping extreme boundaries
October 3, 2006

The last ECW on Sci Fi was extreme as it gets. Bodies being busted open. An Extreme Cat Fight. An extremely hot Vixen whose boyfriend has trouble keeping tabs on her. But instead of rivalries finding a resolution, only more questions were raised.

Last week on ECW on Sci Fi, it was impossible to see Sandman without also seeing Matt Striker. In last week’s main event, Striker crashed Sandman’s contest with Big Show to steal the challenger’s equalizer – the Singapore cane. As a result of Striker’s interference, the ECW World Champion was again victorious, proving his dominance in the hardcore realm.

This week on ECW on Sci Fi, Sandman will team with fellow ECW Original Sabu to battle the Extreme Giant and none other than the man who assisted the ECW Champion last week, Matt Striker. With Big Show in his corner this week, will Striker be able to avoid his rival, Sandman? What level of extreme will the Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal Maniac bring to his large foe, Big Show? What will happen this week between the teacher and the rebel? Can the ECW Originals stop the World’s Largest Athlete, the ECW World Champion?

In arguably the grisliest contest in ECW on Sci Fi history, an exhausted Rob Van Dam was able to cover the bloody Hardcore Holly for the victory in an Extreme Rules Match. Does this mean the end of the rivalry or is the war still only in its beginning stages?

Also, Francine and Ariel tried to settle their differences in an Extreme Rules Cat Fight, but there was hardly a resolution as Kevin Thorn and Balls Mahoney couldn’t help but get involved. Will the tension between these four Extremists build? Will Balls take a step toward discovering how to kill what’s already dead, or is there a dark future in the cards for the pair of Originals?

This past ECW on Sci Fi also marked another episode between Mike Knox, Kelly Kelly and CM Punk. Kelly was caught admiring CM Punk again, which led to a staredown between Knox and Punk. CM Punk has been one of the most dominating, fastest-rising Extremists in ECW. And if anyone has noticed, it’s Kelly. Has Knox bitten off more than he can chew this time?

Just one week before Extreme Strip Poker comes to ECW on Sci Fi, how will the Vixens prepare for their big card game. All eyes in both ECW and WWE will be on the Divas and Vixens on Oct. 10 – but what will we see tonight?

Find out what develops in all of these rivalries and more on ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT.