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WWE: Official SmackDown Preview

One Last Message
October 6, 2006

No Mercy will be just days away when SmackDown rolls into Topeka, KS. What can we expect to see as the SmackDown Superstars make their last statements before the pay-per-view?

Harmful if Swallowed: SmackDown Superstars Pick Their Poison
King Booker and Bobby Lashley will battle for the World Heavyweight Championship in Raleigh, but before that happens they will each have to battle an opponent of the other’s choice in the first ever SmackDown “Pick Your Poison.” Both have elected to create a match-up of friend vs. friend, as King Booker chose Batista as Lashley’s opponent, while Lashley decided to pit The King against his most pugnacious knight, Finlay. Finlay has already made it clear that he will not lay down for anyone, even his benevolent King, and The Animal never holds back against anyone. With No Mercy just around the corner, will the Champion or the No. 1 Contender send the bigger message? How will these contests affect the health of King Booker and Lashley before they battle for the gold at No Mercy?

A Beautiful Mind Game
Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero will finally settle their ongoing family squabbles in a Falls Count Anywhere Match at No Mercy, but before they do, both will likely be in action on SmackDown. Last week we saw Vickie Guerrero get physically involved in the outcome of a match for the first time since forging a business partnership with Chavo. What underhanded schemes will the Guerreros emply this week? Will the mind games continue as Chavo and Vickie look to secure a psychological advantage over an apparently rested and refocused Rey Mysterio just days before No Mercy?

Undertaker Declares
How will Mr. Kennedy respond to Undertaker’s demonic guarantee that he will show no mercy and that Kennedy would rest in peace at No Mercy? Kennedy’s attempts to butter up The Phenom with a so-called tribute failed miserably, as a clearly shaken Kennedy attempted to bow out of the match. Last week The Deadman used an exploding microphone to haunt Mr. Kennedy. Will Undertaker ride to SmackDown again?

Streaks, Debuts and Rednecks – Oh My!
The Miz improved his undefeated record to 5-0 with a win over Tatanka. Will his fast start continue? Meanwhile, poor Jimmy Wang Yang showed every indication that he deserves to be a SmackDown Superstar, but couldn’t secure a win over the crafty Frenchman, Sylvan. Will the redneck’s luck rebound? Finally, will we hear from Montel Vontavious Porter before his long-awaited debut at No Mercy? After finally ending his holdout, it was announced last week that MVP would finally step into the squared circle. Will we learn his opponent? Will he have a message?

With just days remaining until the scores are settled at No Mercy, SmackDown will provide the Superstars their final stage to send a message and attempt to creep into the heads of their opponents. See what happens Friday night at 8/7 CT on SmackDown’s new home, the CW Network.