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Smackdown Vs Raw 2007: 360 Achievements Rundown

As with any Xbox 360 game, a big part of the fun is the achievements associated with the game. Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 follows suit and 29 achievements have been found out about in the game which are as follows:

  • Season Mode Jobber – Complete season mode on easy or normal difficulty.
  • Season Mode Vet – Complete season mode on hard difficulty.
  • Season Mode Legend – Complete season mode on legend difficulty.
  • New Hire – Complete one year of GM mode.
  • Employee of the Year – Win GM mode.
  • Royal Rumble Rookie – Win a Royal Rumble as the number-one entrant.
  • Royal Rumble Jobber – Win a Royal Rumble on easy difficulty.
  • Royal Rumble Veteran – Win a Royal Rumble on normal difficulty.
  • Royal Rumble Pro – Win a Royal Rumble on hard difficulty.
  • Royal Rumble Legend – Win a Royal Rumble on legend difficulty.
  • In Ring Journeyman – Win a match against every superstar with pin or submission on any difficulty.
  • In Ring Technician – Defeat every superstar with a pin or submission on hard.
  • Complete Domination – Beat every superstar on the roster on legend difficulty.
  • Championship Gold – Unlock all WWE championship titles.
  • Those Who Paved the Way – Unlock all WWE Legends.
  • Way Past Jobber – Win 50 matches.
  • Seasoned Vet – Win 100 matches.
  • Online Rising Star – Win 20 matches online.
  • Online Veteran – Win 50 matches online.
  • Online Blue Chipper – Win 20 consecutive online matches.
  • Certified Online Superstar – Win 50 consecutive online matches.
  • A Fighting Online Champion – Defend created championship 20 times.
  • Let it Reign – Defend created championship 50 times.
  • Six additional “secret” achievements.