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ACW: Latest Card For "High Spirits 2" On October 21st

Thanks to Peter Staniforth for sending the following in:

ACW ‘High Spirits 2’
Saturday 21st October 2006

VENUE : Luton Regional Sports Centre,
St Thomas Road,

Adults – £8
Child/OAP/Student – £6
Family – £25

Doors Open 6.30pm
Event Starts 7.00pm

When ACW come to Luton, expect fireworks and a loud night. Luton is the hometown a lot of the ACW roster, but none are more open about it than two people who just do not get along. Bull Harley, the 350 plus pounds hardcore monster, who is literally adored by the fans; and the evil ACW Owner himself,  who’s ego justifies it’s own postcode – The ‘Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth. These two will be looking to get their own way and the upper hand on each other, on what will be an intense night of action. Here are the matches for the evening on what is quite simply, a show you do NOT want to miss!

Main Event
ACW Heavyweight Championship
Marsh Farm Riot Match 2
* Samson (c) w/ The ‘Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth V’s Bull Harley V’s Humongous V’s Sam Steel *
After the now infamous ‘Marsh Farm Riot Match’ this time last year in ACW, it was decided a ‘part two’ was justified, and once again the hardcore monster Bull Harley will be involved, as he attempts to regain the ACW Heavyweight Championship from the evil duo of Samson and ACW Owner The ‘Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth who have driven him to the point of insanity during recent shows. But this time, there are two different factors in the match, namely Humongous and Sam Steel. Could one of those two pull a huge upset and take the title? Can Samson’s unrivalled technical wrestling ability retain his belt, or will Bull Harley gain his revenge? Questions need to be answered – and will be in Luton!

ACW Tag Team Championship
* The Players Club (c) w/ The ‘Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth V’s Los Pervitos *
ACW Owner Petey Staniforth’s personally approved ACW Tag Team Champions, Rich N’ Famous and Kruiz – The Players Club; face the returning Los Pervitos who will be looking to come back into ACW with a loud party atmosphere and a bang! Will Los Pervitos take the belts and show Luton how to party, or will Petey be able to hit his catchphrase once more…. “Not just the…not just your…but MY ACW Tag Team Champions – The Players Club!’….

Hair V’s Hair
* Dave Sharp V’s Lewis Cooper *
Dave Sharp is a newcomer to ACW, but known through the UK wrestling scene and is well respected. Lewis Cooper is the translator to current ACW Lightheavyweight Champion Silver Mask, and a wrestler in his own right looking to make his mark in ACW. Who will lose their locks in this one?

Bra & Panties Match
* ‘Love Goddess’ Mia V’s ‘Blonde Bombshell’ Jade *
One for the guys (well, probably!) here, where the two most talented ladies in ACW continue their feud under Bra & Panties rules. Who will lose their clothing? Be there and find out!

* Matt Naylor w/ The ‘Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth V’s Brendon O’Shea *
Matt Naylor has turned to the dark side once more, aligning once again with ACW Owner Petey Staniforth, turning on his ex tag team partner Brendon O’Shea. O’Shea wants to settle the score, and Naylor is looking to prove his point that in his eyes he carried the team. Watch for the ever questionable morals of Staniforth in this one, who is never afraid of interfering for the good of his clients.

Triple Threat Match
* Vyper V’s Dan ‘The Sadist’ V’s Ashton Brown *
This will be a hot one, a possible show stealer, from the ACW Lightheavyweight Division. Two home grown ACW stars who are looking to break out and show their talents, and Ashton Brown, a well known wrestler on the UK scene right now. This one will be fast paced and wild!

ACW Light Heavyweight Championship
* Silver Mask (c) V’s  the winner of the triple threat match *
The winner of the Triple Threat Match gets a shot at Silver Mask and the ACW Light Heavyweight Championship. Will they have enough left after that match to take on Silver Mask, or will the mysterious masked man from Silverado take the belt back home with him once more?   * Brian Braddock V’s Martin Kirby *   Brian Braddock is the ‘Party Advisor’ of The Players Club, and is looking to continually prove his point in the ring to anyone who dares get in there with this suplexing machine. Stepping up to the plate is ACW newcomer Martin Kirby, who is showing his braveness if nothing else here.

Dominos Pizza Slam Match
* Tommy Gunn w/ The ‘Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth V’s Tank *
Tommy Gunn is the head of Icon Security, and the bodyguard of ACW Owner Petey Staniforth. This is a match where to win, you have to slam your opponent – and bear in mind, both Gunn and his opponent Tank aren’t exactly on the small side. And the winner has the chance to get bigger, as the prize on offer is a Domino’s Pizza!

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