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UK Scene #236

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene with me, your ever lovable Saz, as we get further into the spooky month…

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene with me, your ever lovable Saz, as we get further into the spooky month.

What we do care about in all aspects of the UK Scene is your opinion, especially the paying punter, so if you have a say you are more than welcome to express it, whether it is a popular opinion or not.

We start off this month with an exciting (in more ways than one) match taking place in Luton.


ACW have announced probably the most gimmicked show I have ever seen in ‘High Spirits 2‘ on Saturday 21st October 2006 at Luton Regional Sports Centre, St Thomas Road, Stopsley, Luton, Bedfordshire.

Here is the card:

  • Main Event
    ACW Heavyweight Championship Samson (c) w/ The ‘Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth V’s Bull Harley V’s Humongous V’s Sam Steel
  • ACW Tag Team Championship: The Players Club (c) w/ The ‘Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth V’s Los Pervitos
  • Hair V’s Hair: Dave Sharp V’s Lewis Cooper
  • Bra & Panties Match: ‘Love Goddess’ Mia V’s ‘Blonde Bombshell’ Jade
  • Matt Naylor w/ The ‘Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth V’s Brendon O’Shea
  • Triple Threat Match: Vyper V’s Dan ‘The Sadist’ V’s Ashton Brown
  • ACW Light Heavyweight Championship: Silver Mask (c) V’s the winner of the triple threat match
  • Tommy Gunn w/ The ‘Internet Icon’ Petey Staniforth V’s Tank

Whoa! Hold on, did someone say Bra and panties match? In Britain? Must be a UK first!

To be honest, ACW needs plaudits for putting on a show that would have me buying a ticket, you see? WWE have got it right, naked lady skin is the way forward!

Time for my medication…


4FW has announced their next show “Halloween Spectacular” on 28th October at the Pinehurst Peoples Center in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Current card reads:

  • The Kartel & Van Wicked vs. Dean Christ, Iestyn Rees & Dan Splash
  • Number One Contenders 20 Man Battle Royal For 4FW Title
  • 4FW Title: Martin Stone (c) vs. David Sharp

EWW have given out the card for their “Halloween Holocaust” show on Friday 20th October at the Palace Nightclub in Witney, Oxfordshire.

Card reads:

  • Marty Scurll vs. Joe FX
  • Matt Damian vs. Hellfire
  • The Welsh Assembly (LDN) vs. The Flatliner & Sam Slam (EWW)
  • The UK Pitbulls vs. Karl Krammer & Sykes
  • Jonny Storm vs. Jodie Fleisch
  • EWW Title – The Dominator (c) vs. Phil Bedwell


NBW has announced that James Tighe will not be appearing at their “Weekend Madness” shows, held at the Notts County Football Ground in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire on 25th & 26th November.

His replacement Eamon O’Neil.

Someone will always fill in for a title shot!

Saturday, November 25th


  • Stephanie Scope vs. Roxi
  • NBW Cruiserweight Title: Kris Travis (c) vs. Bubblegum
  • Killer Instinct (Tiger X & Angelblade) vs. Jay Beaver & Adrenaline
  • Number One Contenders Match For NBW Heavyweight Title: Stixx vs. Eamon O’Neil (replacing James Tighe)
  • NBW Middleweight Title: Dan Head (c) vs. Paul Malen

Sunday, November 26th


  • Joseph Hayes vs. Aviv Maayan
  • NBW Heavyweight Title: Curve (c) vs. Stixx OR Eamon O’Neil
  • NBW Middleweight Title: defended by either Dan Head OR Paul Malen
  • NBW Cruiserweight Title: defended by either Bubblegum OR Kris Travis

KSW has released the full card for “Hotwired” on 21st October at EnotsĀ  Sports and Social club, Brownsfield Park, Eastern Avenue, Lichfield, WS13 6SB.

Card reads:

  • Brandon Grave vs. Kid Flash
  • 2XL vs Rob Long & Cupid Valentino
  • No DQ match: Big Badd Donaghan vs. Pogo
  • KSW Championship – Carl Mizzery vs. Nick Mace (c)
  • No.1 Contenders Rumble


NLW have announced their next show “Halloween Slam“, which will be held on Saturday 21st October at the Ringside Club, at the National Stadium in Dublin, Ireland.

Card reads:

  • Triple S vs. RODD
  • Hardcore Rulz: Bobby Lee Harm vs. J.D.P
  • Loser Leaves NLW: Alex Breslin vs. Jamie Coleman
  • Tron vs. Machine
  • Paddy Morrow vs. Sean Brennan vs. Adam Abz
  • Joey Cabrary vs. Mark Burns
  • Georgie Mac vs. Dunkan Disorderly

Dunkan Disorderly, hehe, I like that gimmick!

CPW will show “Celtic Pro XVII” on Saturday 4th November at the Good Counsel GAA Club in Dublin, Ireland.

Current card reads:

  • Thunder Titan vs. Adam Joyce
  • The Celtic Tiger vs. David Dunn
  • Napalm Hamilton vs. Awesome Andy
  • CPW Title: Amazing Insane (c) vs. Neil Frenzy


If you are interested in becoming a professional wrestler, we are here for you on the Talk Wrestling Online Forums, with a comprehensive list of training schools throughout the UK and now with links to suppliers of wrestling gear too! See how good we are to you?

And Finally…

Well, I finally got a free hour or two to write down my thoughts on another tenet and that should be available at the same time as this edition of the UK Scene.

I can’t emphasise how much hard work goes into entertaining you fans and every company that starts up have the chance of producing something great.

Plus there is the first-ever opportunity to see young ladies try to forcibly undress each other in the UK!!!! Now come on gents… that tempts you slightly doesn’t it?

Hmm, the meds must be wearing off!

Don’t forget to interact with the UK Scene, I can still read your comments and questions and involve people in your thoughts through the UK Scene forum.

Take care.