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ASW: Aylesbury Results (16/10/06)

All Star Wrestling
Civic Centre, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

* Extreme Dean defeated Robbie Dynamite

* Bad Bones defeated Tony Spitfire

* Karl Krammer defeated Frankie Sloan

* The Flatliner & Erin Angel defeated Phil Powers & Mikey Whiplash (note after the entrances, the Civic Centre was evacuated for about 20 minutes due to the fire alarm going off)

* Tag Rumble: won by World Destruction Squad (Broady Steele) defeating All Stars (last eliminating James Mason)

Order of elimination
– Bad Bones (World Destruction Squad)
– Tony Spitfire (All Stars)
– Extreme Dean (All Stars)
– Tracy Smothers (World Destruction Squad)
– Kid Cool (All Stars)
– Robbie Dynamite (World Destruction Squad)
– Frankie Sloan (All Stars)
– Karl Krammer (World Destruction Squad)
– James Mason (All Stars)