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WWE: Official SmackDown Preview

October 20, 2006

Kingdom on the line
Batista’s continuing quest to regain the coveted World Heavyweight Championship will continue on Friday when he takes on King Booker for the gold. Since relinquishing the title in January, the only thing on Batista’s mind has been getting the Championship back around his waist. What will Batista do to make sure things go his way this time?

Who will say I quit?
On Friday night, the lengthy, bitter and emotional family saga between Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio will come to a dramatic conclusion when they square off in an “I Quit” match. Which Superstar will be driven to such pain where he is forced to do the unthinkable and utter the words “I quit”? What role will Vickie Guerrero play in the match?

Run for your life
Last week, Montel Vontavious Porter begged Theodore Long for some competition. Long obliged and gave MVP the Big Red Machine. After a few minutes of punishment at the hands of SmackDown’s newest monster, MVP decided he’d had enough and made a B-Line for the locker room. Who will MVP face this week? Will the self-proclaimed franchise player duck out again. And speaking of Kane…

Big Red debut
What will Kane do in his second week as a SmackDown Superstar? The Big Red Monster was a house of fire in his debut match with MVP. Who’s next for Kane?

Rabid Champion
Chris Benoit is undefeated since returning to SmackDown at No Mercy. In his SmackDown re-debut, he defeated Mr. Kennedy to become the new United States Champion. What’s next for the crippler?

Deadly rivalry
Mr. Kennedy and Undertaker’s rivalry intensified last week when Undertaker’s gong provided the distraction which cost Mr. Kennedy his United States Championship. What will the loudmouth have to say about Undertaker’s actions?