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WWE: Official ECW on Sci Fi Preview

Extreme obstacles
October 24, 2006

Giant victory
On the last ECW on Sci Fi, Rob Van Dam got the break he’s been looking for as he was able to come out on top of Big Show to earn an ECW World Title shot. has learned that RVD will challenge the Extreme Giant for his gold this week on Sci Fi. Will the World’s Largest Athlete make good on his guarantee to Van Dam? How will Big Show react to being pinned last week by RVD? Can the most dominant athlete in ECW continue his destruction? Or will the massive Extremist come face-to-face with reality?

Making impact
During last week’s main event, Test made his allegiance clear when he ran into the ring and hit RVD with a chair, becoming just another obstacle Van Dam had to survive to reach his goal. But where does Hardcore Holly stand after taking out both Test and Big Show? The Extremist who had been keeping RVD from getting a shot at the title became the man RVD might not have been able to do it without. Has Holly’s medical suspension been lifted? What will transpire between Test and Holly on ECW on Sci Fi this week? What is next for Paul Heyman’s most recent right-hand man, ECW’s Impact Player Test?

Will Striker strike back?
In the first-ever Singapore Cane-on-a-Pole Match, Sandman made Matt Striker sorry he ever got involved with the ECW Original. Is the rivalry resolved or will the teacher find a way to strike back?

Knox is jealous, Punk
After CM Punk topped Rene Dupree for the second straight week, Mike Knox made an appearance. The jealous Extremist, however, backed off in his attack. CM Punk has had the edge so far in this rivalry, but Knox doesn’t appear to be ready to back off for good. How far will Knox’s jealousy take him?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT.