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WWE: Official ECW on Sci Fi Preview (31/10/06)

Trick or treat
October 31, 2006

Reality bites
Last Tuesday on ECW on Sci Fi, Rob Van Dam proved yet again that he deserves an ECW World Title opportunity against the dominant Big Show, as Van Dam scaled his way to his championship match contract in a Ladder Match.

With the pressure of the Champion of Champions Match at Cyber Sunday, might the ECW World Champion have mistakenly overlooked a competitor the likes of RVD? How will this affect the massive Extremist before the all-important confrontation at Cyber Sunday? Might the Extreme Giant have finally come face-to-face with reality? Does that reality bare Rob Van Dam as the new ECW World Champion? RVD has elected to use his opportunity at December to Dismember, and will no doubt be watching Cyber Sunday closely.

Ruthless behavior
ECW’s Impact Player Test may have scored a controversial win over the medically-cleared Hardcore Holly this week, but one can bet that the smash-mouth Alabaman is not yet through with this rivalry.

Did Test select the wrong Extremist to ambush several weeks ago? What level of hardcore will Holly unleash upon the self-proclaimed “most ruthless competitor in ECW?” Exactly how ruthless will this issue get before it’s truly resolved?

Restrained brutality
Again on ECW on Sci Fi, Mike Knox inserted himself into CM Punk’s affairs. Knox’s jealousy over Kelly Kelly’s Punk fanhood has earned him a fat lip at the hands of the straightedge Extremist, but the brutish Knox doesn’t seem to be relenting in his attacks.

Will we see the paths of these two men cross yet again next week? Punk may have been ready each time for his enemy, but what will happen if Knox’s plan connects? Can even CM Punk withstand the hostility of Kelly’s bitter boyfriend?

What tricks and treats do the Extremists have in store for a Halloween edition of ECW on Sci Fi? What horror awaits ECW fans?

Tune in to ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT on Tuesday to find out how ghoulish things will get.