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WWE: Official ECW on Sci Fi Preview (07/11/06)

Qualified for the extreme
November 7, 2006

On the last ECW on Sci Fi, Paul Heyman rocked the sports-entertainment world when he declared Rob Van Dam’s shot at the ECW World Title at December to Dismember will take place in the first-ever Extreme Elimination Chamber Match. This week, Heyman will make yet another startling announcement regarding the final chamber spot on Dec. 3. What would Heyman declare that will effect not just ECW, but all WWE brands?

ECW’s “Messiah” will also provide details regarding the main event of Tuesday’s edition of ECW on Sci Fi – a program that is already jam-packed with extreme, hardcore action. What more could Heyman bring to ECW fans on Tuesday night?

As ECW fans learned in the latest entry of Punk’s Blog, the straight-edge Extremist accepted Mike Knox’s challenge to a one-on-one encounter. Not only will pride be on the line when these men face, but the winner will also earn a chance at winning the ECW World Title. The winner will become the fourth Extremist in the Extreme Elimination Chamber.

Yet another spot for December to Dismember’s main event will be also filled on the next ECW on Sci Fi, as well, as Test is set to take on ECW Original Tommy Dreamer. The first of four qualifying matches for the other Extreme Elimination Chamber competitors has already taken place and Sabu proved to be victorious over Kevin Thorn on the vampire enthusiast’s favorite holiday. Who will qualify this week?

The man who has been slated for an ECW World Title opportunity all along, RVD, had a rough night last week. Heyman was up to monkey business as usual and got the better of Van Dam in RVD’s tag team match. How will RVD respond to Heyman’s tactics? Following a tremendous display of size, strength and dominance at Cyber Sunday, what will Big Show’s next steps be as he continues his reign?

Also on ECW on Sci Fi, Daivari and the Great Khali shook up the ECW roster when they made their presence felt. Will the Punjabi Warrior and his loud-mouthed associate take over their new brand?

Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on ECW on Sci Fi at 10/9 CT.