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Funking Conservatory: Details For "Reality Check" Show On December 31st

Thanks to Funking Conservatory for sending the following in:

Funk’s Corner – Reality Check comes to the Funking Conservatory.

Sunday December 31st Support the Troops 10, “Reality Check” comes to the Funking Conservatory’s !BANG! TV Taping in Ocala, Florida at 2200 NE 36th Avenue, Show Time is 7:00pm.

At our last !BANG! TV Taping, Johnny Magnum, The Claw and Blain Rage were selected for positions on the Funking Conservatory’s Reality Show. Production begins in early 2007.   On call back for the next tryouts in late December are Russell Paul Williams, Jag Gonzalez and Johnny Romano.

If you would like to participate in Support the Troops 10, “Reality Check” and be selected for a tryout for the new Funking Conservatory reality show and be on the schedule for the training camp Dec 28-Jan 29,  at the Funking Conservatory wrestling school, E-mail or Call – 352-895-4658.


This Sunday at Survivor Series, Lita will be wrestling her last match before retiring against Mickie James. Lita is the WWE Women’s Champion and hopes to retire champion. Mickie James is the former champion and hopes to regain the title.

Both women are alumni of the Funking Conservatory. We have photo reviews of both girls and video of Lita on our website at