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NWE: "Destiny Is on… The Ring Tour" Results (25 & 26/11/06 ) (featuring UK Stars)

Thanks to Sylvano for these results for Italian promotion Nu Wrestling Revoulution’s “Destiny Is on… The Ring Tour” which featured UK stars.

Piacenza, Italy (25/11/06)

  • John Heidenreich defeated Domino

  • Romeo Roselli & Kraft defeated The UK Pitbulls

  • Red Devil & Darksoul defeated Fire Angel & Thunder Storm

  • Matt Morgan w/Little Legs defeated The Flatliner

  • Ultimo Dragon defeated Juventud Guerrera

  • Triple Threat Divas Match: Lisa Fury defeated Sarah Jones and Irene

  • No DQ Match: Vampiro defeated Hade Vansen

Trento, Itlay (26/11/06)

  • Kishi & Black Pearl defeated The UK Pitbulls w/ Little Legs

  • Kraft & Domino defeated Thunder Storm & Fire Angel

  • John Heidenreich defeated The Flatliner

  • Ultimo Dragon & Hade Vansen defeated Darksoul & Juventud Guerrera

  • Matt Morgan defeated Red Devil

  • Triple Threat Divas Match: Sarah Jones defeated Lisa Fury and Irene

  • Romeo Roselli defeated Vampiro