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ECW: December To Dismember PPV Results (03/12/06)

Below is brief results from last night’s December To Dismember PPV held at the James Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia , USA.

Pre PPV Match:
* Stevie Richards defeated Rene Durpee

PPV Matches:
* The Hardy Boys defeated MNM by pinfall

* Balls Mahoney defeated Matt Striker by pinfall

* Elijah Burke & Sylvester Turkay defeated The FBI by pinfall

* Daivari defeated Tommy Dreamer by pinfall

* Kevin Thorn & Ariel defeated Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly after Arial pinned Kelly Kelly after Mike Knox had walked out on her

* ECW World Heavyweight Title – Extreme Elimination Chamber: Lashley defeated The Big Show (c), Test, Hardcore Holly, CM Punk and RVD to win title

Order of entry and elimination:
– Hardcore Holly and RVD started the match
– CM Punk released (weapon in his chamber was a chair)
– Test released (crowbar)
– CM Punk was eliminated by RVD
– RVD eliminated by Test
– Hardcore Holly eliminated by Test
– Lashley released (table)
– Test was eliminated by Lashley
– The Big Show released (barbed wire bat)
– Lahsley pins Big Show to win the match