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KSW: Final Card For "The Christmas Show" On December 15th

Thanks to K-Star Wrestling for the following:

KSW announce the full card for KSW “The Christmas Show”, held at Enots Sports and Social Club, Brownsfield Park, Eastern Avenue, Lichfield, WS13 6SB on Friday 15th December.

Card (Subject to change):

KOTR Qualifier 1: Staxx vs. Rob Long
KOTR Qualifier 2: BBD vs. John “Razor” Bromwich
KSW Tag titles: The Prophecy vs. Cupid & Franco
KOTR Qualifier 3: Tyler Rayne vs. Iron Ryan Thompson
KOTR Qualifier 4: “Daring” Dick Daniels vs. Nick Mace
KSW British Championship: Kid Flash vs. Carl Mizzery (c)

Tickets cost £7 adults, £3 concessions and £20 for a family ticket (2 adults, 2 kids). Doors open at 7pm, show begins at 8pm.

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In detail

The Christmas show brings us the qualifying matches for the King of the Ring tournament, held in February. Christmas also brings the debuts of 2 new KSW wrestlers who have been picked from the trainee ranks and given the opportunity to face the seasoned roster.

Big Badd Donaghan is confident he will beat his opponent, the straight talking and practical John “Razor” Bromwich, though Donaghan is curious as to why the training staff nicknamed him the Razor…

Nick Mace is to face the other arrival, Dick Daniels, no one knows a lot about Dick and that’s just the way he likes it, perhaps Dick will show Mace just how daring he is?

Rob Long enjoys a healthy winning streak over Staxx using his stunner on both occasions to knock the monster unconcious, can he do it a third time? Or does Staxx have a trick up his sleeve?

The Prophecy have been making a lot of enemies lately, however, Franco has made it his personal mission to take them down, he’s dropped the make up and has teamed with Cupid Valentino to take on Brandon Grave and Brett Banner, will the Prophecy be able to cheat their way out of this one?

Tyler and Ryan were the best of friends until Tyler Rayne booted Ryan in the face and joined the Prophecy, Ryan thought the feud was over but now King of the Ring qualifiers bring them back to face each other, can Ryan overcome this obstacle one more time?

Mizzery thinks Kid Flash is a joke, but Flash doesn’t care, he’s doing it for the fans of KSW and he will try his best to beat Carl for the belt, but with Carl’s allegiance to 3XL, could Flash be in for a nasty surprise?

You can find out at The Christmas show.