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WWE: Official RAW Preview (04/12/06)

Revenge on Rated-RKO?
December 4, 2006

One night after ECW’s December to Dismember, Raw rivalries heat up in North Charleston, S.C.

Team DX-tremes
The Hardys soared to victory over MNM at December to Dismember, but Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro plan to turn up the heat several notches on Raw—by teaming up with Edge & Randy Orton. Rated-RKO is still gloating about their heinous actions last week, leaving Ric Flair lying in a pool of his blood, plus leveling The Hardys and getting themselves disqualified during their World Tag Team Championship Match. Matt & Jeff won’t be alone against this fatal foursome, however; in their corner will be very pissed-off D-Generation X members Shawn Michaels and Triple H, who want revenge on Flair’s attackers at all costs. Will they succeed, or do MNM and Rated-RKO have a plan that will leave The Hardys and DX in the same condition as the annihilated Nature Boy?

Champ vs. Bulldozer
Last week, Umaga challenged John Cena to a WWE Championship match, a challenge that The Champ quickly accepted. He looked ready to go right then and there, but Armando Alejandro Estrada kept Umaga from going after Cena, saying the match would happen when they want it to. Will we find out exactly when that will be?

Revenge is a dish best served Raw, live Monday night at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.