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ACW: Petey Staniforth Leaves Company

Thanks to Petey Staniforth for the following:

The ‘Internet Icon’ Peter Staniforth leaves ACW: Peter’s Statement….

Well, the rumours ARE true. It’s not a work, it’s as real as it gets – after a build up of events – as of this week I am no longer (kayfabe) owner of ACW, or working for the company as a performer/manager; or in any other capacity.

It’s been a long and loud 15 months, there’s been some good and bad, and it’s just another example of how all things must come to an end eventually. I leave behind some very close friends there, they know who they are and I don’t need to say their names; and I will miss working with them.

But as ever, it’s onwards and upwards hopefully for me as I always have new projects and plenty of options in my wrestling life; and I will be exploring these in the New Year and throughout 2007.

Am I available for independent bookings as a manager on shows, and for other projects if asked? Yes, I am. Email at or for more details on how to book me if interested, and visit too!

And from myself and my fiancee’ and two children – Happy Christmas to you all.   The “Internet Icon”

Petey Staniforth