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WWE: Official ECW on Sci Fi Preview (05/12/06)

Mission Accompliced?
December 5, 2006

Bobby Lashley made it a December to Dismember in the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match Sunday night—using a table to break himself out of his sabotaged pod, he outlasted four other Extremists, then took down Big Show to become the new ECW World Champion. Paul Heyman, however, isn’t giving him time to celebrate.

Moments after Lashley won the championship, ECW’s self-proclaimed messiah insisted on that he grant the seven-foot 500-pound Big Show a rematch on ECW on Sci Fi Tuesday night. Lashley knows all-too-well that the odds are stacked against him, especially with Heyman plotting to have his giant recapture the gold.

Still, he has no intention of backing down. Can he prevail in his next mission—defeat Big Show for the second time in three nights, and retain his new ECW World Championship?

Big Night for New Bloods
In addition to Lashley’s championship win at December to Dismember, several other ECW newcomers emerged victorious over the Originals. Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay imposed their authority over the FBI’s Little Guido Maritato & Tony Mamaluke, while Daivari stole a huge upset win over Tommy Dreamer. But it was The Great Khali who added the exclamation point after that matchup, almost breaking the Innovator of Violence in half by slamming him onto the unyielding steel stage. Will the new breed continue to dominate this Tuesday?

Mike Knox Over Kelly Kelly?
Mike Knox didn’t appreciate Kelly Kelly wishing CM Punk luck in the Extreme Elimination Chamber—so he deserted his girlfriend in the ring during their Tag Team Match with Kevin Thorn and Ariel. A shaken-up Kelly was no match for Ariel, who’s been trying to sink her fists—and her fangs—into the blonde exhibitionist for weeks now. Sandman raced down to make the save, but one question remains: have Kelly Kelly and Knox reached the breaking point?

The bodies hit the floor hard at December to Dismember Sunday night…but the carnage continues on ECW on Sci Fi this Tuesday at 10/9 CT.