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UK Scene #245 *End of Year Special*

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene with your lovable compiler and commentator, Saz. The year is nearly complete, save for a few shows closer to the big 25 and from what I’ve had to report over the year it’s time I look back and see the movers and shakers…

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene with your lovable compiler and commentator, Saz.

So now it is Christmas…

The year is nearly complete, save for a few shows closer to the big 25 and from what I’ve had to report over the year it’s time I look back and see the movers and shakers.

What we do care about in all aspects of the UK Scene is your opinion, especially the paying punter, so if you have a say you are more than welcome to express it, whether it is a popular opinion or not.


WZW have recently been advertising their shows here at Wrestling
101as well as Talk Wrestling Online, so we know they are still going, which is great! They’ve yet to get their name and their stars banded about as much as they did 3 years ago, but, if it is due to rosters coming and going, they will have had to start again and that does halt the walk.

NPWA continue to produce shows, however, not with as much
vigour as last year, or should I say not with as much advertisement of their shows as last year. This isn’t too much of a problem though as they keep on producing shows, which means they are pulling in the crowds, so perhaps they’re concentrating on local shows.

3CW also continue to produce shows as they did last year,
I think we all know they are striving for bigger and better things and I would suspect that this year and probably next year will be revenue generators so they can realise that vision.

1PW has had more public falling outs than Roy Keane recently and are definitely suffering a cut your nose off epidemic. There’s not a lot else I can say about 1PW for fear of a nasty email or something complaining about bad press.


With the public demise of FWA there has been a scramble for the title of hottest company in Britain.

Let’s face it, the Southern region of our country is never going to acknowledge anything North of Watford, that gripe is out of the way let us look at the runners for top southern/Londoner company:

LDN is on the wrestling channel and from what I hear are trying to be old school with their style, which is commendable.

SASW came out of nowhere and has Spud in it so the t’internet
tells me, apart from that, I know nothing.

IPW:UK Daniel Edler is seemingly synonymous when it comes
to the internet and wrestling and IPW is on the TV, it seems that they are the company that FWA will be handing the torch to, fair play to them I say.


WAW have had a tough time of it this year with all the family
problems that have revolved around it. Hopefully next year will bring bigger and better things for them.

ACW have still been knocking the shows out for a while now
and have also become inventive with their match types, no complaints from me, it’s all about entertainment.


FCW still rule the roost in the Midlands as they keep churning
out the shows with the occasional large show, recently did a t.v. taping for the wrestling channel. They have also had a dramatic change of roster with little effect to their fans. Things are still looking good for them.

MPW fell to the curse of my top tip for 2006 as, disappointingly,
disagreements saw the emerence of LPW and MPWA.
LPW have been spewing out a quantity of shows, including Wales and charity shows. MPWA have just about got started this year.

SCW folded.

KSW have been doing lots to improve their image and the quality
of the wrestling from this time last year, though at least 2 years behind their colleagues in the Midlands area. This year should see KSW really trying to get its name back out there.


Disappointingly the Welsh companies have had a pretty quiet one when it comes to t’internet, they may have focused more on local advertising and local talent, but I know a few wrestlers have been asked to work shows.

> From my personal experience, Wales is a heck of a long way to
go and you expect to be recompensed for your travel and food, which sometimes they can’t afford to pay.

As they build up revenue though, we will hopefully see an increase in the amount of shows.


IWW doesn’t need to advertise anymore as they are on the wrestling
channel and make their money that way.

The rest, I fear, have been intimidated by IWW’s success, but I urge them to carry on regardless and find their own angle for entertaining wrestling.

Saz’s Promotion Pick

Though I loathe London and all it stands for, I would have to award LDN
with my pick for this year, they are trying to do their own thing and they just get on with it without trying to bombard us with hype and that’s a good thing.

Saz’s newcomer pick

Ok, so he’s not exactly new on the scene but in terms of development I would have to say Saul Adams is the man to watch for next year, he looks good, wrestles well and has a competent mic manner.

Saz’s pick for 2007

Without a doubt I would take a look at what Brandon Thomas has to offer, clever, daring and amusing in his style. He has worked with a lot of promotions including FWA and FCW. With 6 years of experience he is guaranteed to entertain.


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And Finally…

Well, that’s me done for this year, hope you have a great Christmas and a good New Year and I’ll be back with the UK Scene after the New Year.

Don’t forget to interact with the UK Scene, I can still read your comments and questions and involve people in your thoughts through the UK Scene forum.

Take care.