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Funking Conservatory: Matches Signed For January 28th Show

Thanks to Funking Conservatory for sending the following in:

Funking Conservatory Press Release – “!BANG! TV Bad Guys Mess With Dory Funk Jr.’s  Cowboy’s Hat.”

At the last !BANG! TV Taping, Support the Troops 10, “Reality Check”, Blain Rage entered the ring with his crew of Bad Guys, Menace 2 Society, Miss Vicki and Rock ‘N Roll Express’ Robert Gibson.

Blain and his crew were un-scheduled to be in the ring before their matches. Blain and the Bad Guys vandalized the arena with spray paint and  Blain Rage stole Dory Funk Jr.’s Cowboy Hat from the music DJ’s spin table.

First, “Menace 2 Society” sprayed it with paint, then in an exact impression of The Rock, Blain Rage hit the ropes four times, then dropped an elbow on Dory’s hat with Miss Vicki encouraging and cheering him on.

Next, Robert Gibson stomped a mud hole in Funk’s  black Cowboy hat. Fans of the Rock ‘N Roll Express would be embarrassed by the actions of Robert Gibson.

Blain Rage threw Funk’s Cowboy Hat in the middle of the ring and performed an unmentionable act, that is illegal in 30 states, on Funk’s Cowboy Hat. Blain Rage has hit a New High in UTTERLY  GROSSE & DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR!!!

All of this was “Caught on Tape” by the Roving Reality Television camera at the Funking Conservatory’s !BANG! TV Taping of, Support the Troops 10, “Reality Check.”

WATCH  Blain Rage in action with his gross and disgusting demonstration of crude deviant behavior  on !BANG! TV Streaming Video 24/7 on our website at  

!BANG! TV Returns to the Funking Conservatory Sunday January 28th with Dory Funk Jr. vs Blain Rage. In the other Main Event, Johnny Magnum will defend his Funking Conservatory World Championship against the challenge of Bad Boy Chris Bower.  

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