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1PW: Announces It Has Ceased Trading

The following was posted on 1PW’s website:

Important Information Regarding 1PW

It is with the deepest regret and sadness that 1PW Promotions Limited announces today the company has ceased trading, effective today, and has entered into liquidation.

The cease of trading is effective immediately, and thus all future dates, including the January 13th No Turning Back show, are sadly cancelled.

On behalf of 1PW Promotions Limited I want to extend our heartfelt apology to anyone inconvenienced or disappointed by the cancellation of upcoming shows.

Fans who have purchased tickets to upcoming shows can send an e mail to . All queries will be dealt with in a prompt and professional manner by our appointed insolvency practitioners.

Any enquiries of a commercial nature should be directed to David Ward, Kaye Littlewood Solicitors, The Blades Enterprise Centre, Forsyth Suite, John Street, Sheffield S2 4SU

Steven Gauntly posted the following statement on 1PW’s forums:

1PW Fans

I know that probably none of this makes sense to any of you right now. I wanted to post my own thoughts and feelings because the official statement is pretty cold.

I am fully prepared for a deluge of anger, confusion and upset, and my hope is that in time you will all understand what has gone down. Myself and my family have given it everything that we have, and we would have given our lives to keep 1PW alive, but the decision is completely out of our hands.

I know a lot of people will be pissed off that the show for next weekend is off, and like I said, I’m prepared for the backlash. I just wanted you all to know that if there was any way at all in the world we could have put the show on next weekend, it would have gone ahead.

I want to thank everyone for everything, for all the support. I can tell you it has meant a lot to my family. I am so f****** sorry to you all, that we cant continue. I’m sorry to everyone that has a ticket to upcoming shows. The official statement tells you how to obtain a refund.

I wish the words would come to me that would make this situation right, or even begin to explain it, but they won’t. I feel really sad that we will never share the almost holy experience of being in the Dome together again, but I just hope in time you all can remember the good times from 1PW, and look back on our time as something truly special.

With regards to the reality of today’s situation , I want to assure everyone that one day in the future the entire and full story will be told, and I don’t mean the undoubted mountain of drivel that internet sites will no doubt report today.

Thank you all for the memories.

Source: 1PW & Talk Wrestling Online UK Scene Forum