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Funking Conservatory: Dory Funk Jr. Interview In Ocala Star Banner

Thanks to Funking Conservatory for the following:

Funking Conservatory Press Release – From the Ocala Star Banner – WWE Legend’s Interview with Dory Funk Jr.  

The mood was warm and nostalgic and the television lights were glaring and hot. Dory Funk Jr., for a moment, seemed lost in the past and another personality. Gone was the crazed professional wrestler who screams into TV cameras, jaws with fans and brutally twists an opponent’s limbs.

In his place was another Dory: soft-spoken, introspective, intelligent and reverential. The history of Dory Funk is the history of professional wrestling. It’s about family bonds, wild entertainment along with dedication and sacrifice.

Funk’s story is why one of Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment television production crews came to Ocala on Thursday. They were at the Funking Wrestling Conservatory on 36th Avenue to film the owner of the wrestling school.

The WWE considers Funk and his family, including his late father, Dory Funk Sr., and brother, Terry Funk, wrestling legends. The WWE is making a DVD honoring Dory and his family as part of its “legends” series. It could be released later this year.  

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