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Welcome to the interactive UK Scene and confusion has reigned over the truth about 1PW, lots of rumours are flying, but what seems to be the issue is that not a week after announcing that 1PW was in liquidation, they have “miraculously” returned for more…

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene and confusion has reigned over the truth about 1PW, lots of rumours are flying, but what seems to be the issue is that not a week after announcing that 1PW was in liquidation, they have “miraculously” returned for more.

I write this now from personal opinion and they should not be reflected on Wrestling 101, I have made sure that I have made this distinction because though W101 is there to report the news and comment on it, my comments here could be read as impartial.

This is my opinion also and obviously people are going to disagree, but in the end the only real loser is British wrestling.

I have a really nasty feeling that the UK scene has been worked by 1PW and its collaborators.

I’m not going to get into the issues of fraud and false advertising, that is for Trading Standards to investigate, as I have no doubt that someone out of 1600 odd people will be disgruntled enough to report the company.

What I am going to get into is how disappointed I am by this whole mess, there are rumours flying around about this all being a plan, whether they are true or not, the suggestion has been made that Steven Gauntley, Dragon Aisu representing 3CW and Alex Shane collaborated together to form a closure/saviour situation and get 1PW out of the problems it was facing.

Like I said, whether there was truth in the statements or not, it has stirred up enough doubt to make me question the integrity of two of the UK scene’s players, which I never thought I ever would.

Should 3CW be caught actually taking part in this work then the reputation of the company could seriously suffer, I don’t want to believe they could, as far as I saw, they came out on top, saving the show and bringing something to disappointed fans, good business.

However Gauntley’s recent messianic ramblings have issued a little bit of doubt, to put it succinctly, I do not, nor will ever believe a word that comes out of Steven Gauntley’s mouth to be the truth, his words are like a cult leader trying to get the followers to drink the poison.

My only serious question is, if this wasn’t a work then why crown a 1PW Champion at an event that was organised to save a show for the fans? What was the point in being the champion of a company that no longer existed?

Unless 1PW and 3CW had worked it… Damn!

Alex Shane has probably got the better deal out of this, managing to snag Great Muta in what was said to be “a move to save UK wrestling’s tarnished reputation”, it was just business to Shane, good business sense, which is why RQW looks as good a 1PW but is keeping a solid reputation.

I’m pretty sure I’ll come off as anti -1PW, one of the horrible demons of Gauntley’s Prophetic fables, his faithful will keep him strong, for he is the messiah and he will bring UK wrestling kicking and screaming to his vision!

If that be then so be it, I am not anti-1PW, I am anti-amateur with money who comes in and f**ks up the lifetime’s work, toil and sweat it has taken to even gain a little bit of credibility with a cynical British public, the UK scene’s image to the rest of the world and frankly anyone who has stepped in the ring to entertain an audience member.

However, I think that regardless of mysterious and miraculous money bags in the audience, 1PW’s reputation has been severely tarnished with all but the die-hard fans (In Gauntley speak they would be called the worshippers of the church of Gauntley). You keep lying to the fans and they won’t trust you.

I wonder if anyone told him the fable of the boy who cried “wolf!”?

What we do care about in all aspects of the UK Scene is your opinion, especially the paying punter, so if you have a say you are more than welcome to express it, whether it is a popular opinion or not.


TBW will present it’s first show of 2007 on Sunday January 26th at the Victoria Community Centre in Crewe, Cheshire.
Card reads:

  • Damien Grant vs. Wedow Wonchow
  • Hated Heroes (Andy Simmons & LT Summers) vs. Joel Redman & Special Agent
  • Iceman vs. Tommy Stevens
  • TBW Heavyweight Title: Shabazz (c) vs. ?
  • Also set to appear are: Kid Kash, Keego Ward, British Born Steele, MTX
    and Great Tsunami.

ICW have announced the final card for their “Serious Assault” show, held on Sunday 11th February at the Maryhill Community Central Halls in Glasgow, Scotland.

Card reads:

  • Darkside vs. William Grange
  • Sara vs. Amy
  • Red Lightning vs. Wolfgang
  • Falls Count Anywhere Match: Fight Club vs. The Tenacious Gunns
  • Jay Phoenix vs. Lionheart
  • Scott Renwick vs. Liam Thompson
  • ICW Title: Drew Galloway (c) vs. Allan Grogan


IPW:UK have announced their next show “No Escape“, held on Sunday 28th January at the Orpington Halls in Orpington, Kent.

Card reads:

  • JC Thunder vs. Aviv Maayan
  • U23 Title: Sam Slam (c) vs. Marty Scurll
  • Darkside & The Untouchables vs. Paul Robinson, Pac & Kid Kash
  • Spud vs. Jonny Storm
  • Martin Stone vs. Jorge Castano
  • Leroy Kincaide (c) vs. Iceman
  • IPW:UK Title: Andy Boy Simmonz (c) vs. ?

SASW have announced “Friends – The One With The Elite” on Sunday 4th February at Pinner Green Social Club in Pinner, Middlesex.

Confirmed so far are: SpUd, Martin Stone Jack Storm, Luke Phoenix, The Mystery Red-Haired Loon, Dave Moralez, The Kartel, Ashton Brown, Bubblegum, Saul Adams, Stacy Stanford, Ross Jordan, El Ligero, Sir Thomas Chamberlain, Phil Bedwell, Matt Damien, Jake and many more.

PTW have added to the card for ‘Defiance‘ on Friday 2nd March 2007 at Luton Rugby Football Club, Newlands Road, Luton, England, LU1 4BQ.

Updated card:

  • Jonny Storm vs. Atom!
  • Shabazz vs ‘Hardcore’ Keith Myatt!
  • Miss Vicky vs Chelsey Karter


WAW have announced “King of the Ring” on Sunday 11th February at the Marina Centre in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. The show will feature a 8 man tournament to crown WAW’s King of the Ring, the first entrants announced are Steve Quintain and Zak Zodiac.


AWW have announced their next show, held on Thursday 25th January at the Irish Club in Digbeth, Birmingham.

Card reads:

  • Keego Ward vs. Carnage
  • Nick Knight vs. Geraden
  • No DQ Match: Johnny Lee vs. Dan Ryder
  • Also set to appear are: Latz, British Born Steele, The Metal Militia,
    Lord Graham Thomas, Desirable Danny D, AJ, Tommy Gunn and Weasel.

FCW have announced that US star Allison Danger will be appearing
at their “Intimidation” show, held at the Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre in Lower Gornal, West Midlands on Sunday 25th March.

They also have announced the first three entrants for their Over The Top Elimination Royale Rumble Match at “Collision Course” on Saturday 31st March at the The Haden Hill Leisure Centre in Halesowen.

Currently announced matches are:

  • Over The Top Elimination Royale Rumble Match: Entrants so far: Staxx and
    Celt Kennedy
  • Making his FCW debut Sam Slam

KSW have announce “King of the Ring 2007” held at Perry Common British Legion, 641 College Road, Kingstanding, B44 0AT on Saturday 10th February.

Current card reads:

  • KOTR Qualifier Round 2: Staxx vs. Brandon Thomas
  • KOTR Qualifier Round 2: Tyler Rayne vs. Nick Mace
  • KSW British Championship: Kid Flash vs. Carl Mizzery (c)
  • KOTR Final: Staxx or Brandon Thomas vs. Tyler Rayne or Nick Mace


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And Finally…

As long as there are no more surprises, hopefully things will return to normal, including my blood pressure!

Don’t forget to interact with the UK Scene, I can still read your comments and questions and involve people in your thoughts through the UK Scene forum.

Take care.