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NPWA: "Resuming Hostilities" Results (26/01/07)

Thanks to Nitro Pro Wrestling Alliance for sending the following in:

NPWA Resuming Hostilities – 26/01/07

1) Dread won an 8-man battle royal to win Adrian Myers’ Triple T

2) Adonis defeated Sean Phoenix

3) Ultimate Devastation defeated F8L Fury to retain the NPWA Tag Team
Championships in a no holds barred match

4) Words of Wisdom – Governor Marsden fired many people, including his
security force, Kelly Armstrong, Adrian Myers and many more.

Tony McManus arrived and fired the Governor, handing his job to Gary Wild.
Wild then rehired all the fired members of the roster and had Marsden
escorted/dragged from the building.

5) Paul “Flash” Andrews made his return to action, defeating The Fireball to
capture his fourth International Championship

6) Enigma upset AC Kage to win the NPWA Championship

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