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Funking Conservatory: !BANG! TV Taping Results (28/01/07)

Thanks to Funking Conservatory for sending the following in:

!BANG! TV Taping Results from Support the Troops 11, Cold War II

Funking Conservatory Women’s Champion Claudia Reiff, “The Claw” retained her championship with a win over Miss Vicki seconded by Lady Kimberly. Two efforts by Lady Kimberly to help Miss Vicki went awry as The Claw ducked a Running Lariat then a flying elbow drop with both maneuvers landing flush on the chin of Miss Vicki leaving her prey to a Half Cradle executed by The Claw for the victory.  

After the match, Miss Vicki and Lady Kimberly had words and The Claw tried to intervene. A three way catfight broke out. Referee, “Loud Mouth” Allen Lake tried to break it up only to be sucked into the Flailing Devenish in what turned out to be the Funking Conservatory’s ” Inter-gender Catfight III.”  

England’s Powerhouse, “Pretty Boy” Chris Bower won a controversial decision over Johnny Romano. (Romano was working in a Florida Gator T-Shirt) After having words with referee “Loudmouth” Allen Lake, Romano climbed to the top rope however “Loudmouth Lake” shook the top rope causing Romano to crotch himself on the top rope making him easy prey to a power slam by “Pretty Boy” Chris Bowers.   

After the match was over, Blain Rage, Miss Vicki and Lady Kimberly entered the ring and joined forces with “Pretty Boy” Chris Bower and “Loudmouth” Lake to pummel Johnny Romano. Next Blain Rage ripped the Florida Gator T-shirt from Johnny Romano and tore it to shreds, blew his nose on it followed by unmentionable defecation of the Florida Gator T-shirt.  

Dory Funk Jr. teamed with Funking Conservatory alumni, Shane Chung just back from duty in Iraq to get a victory over Blain Rage and Chris Bowers when Shane Chung defeated Bowers with a Small Package.  

In the final match of the night, Johnny Magnum retained his Funking Conservatory World Championship with a best 2 out of 3 falls “Old School” style match victory over The “Soul Assassin” Kory Chavis. Johnny lost the first fall to a Face Buster after Blain Rage blasted Magnum’s leg with a chair from outside the ring. Magnum won the second fall when Blain Rage miss-fired with a second chair shot from the outside. Magnum won the third and final fall with his patented Cargo Drop winning the best two out of three falls match.  

After the final match an inter-gender “Pier Six” brawl broke out with fired referee, Loudmouth Allen Lake thrown six eight feet in the air by Dory Funk, Johnny Magnum, Shane Chung and Johnny Romano.  

The next !BANG! TV Taping, Support the Troops 12, Cold War II comes to the Funking Conservatory Sunday February 25th. In one main event, Dory Funk Jr. will wrestle TNA’s Head Agent, Scott D’Amore. Gail Kim will team with The Claw to face the cutest girl tag team in wrestling, The “Pop Tarts.”  

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