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Funking Conservatory: Women’s Tag Champions To Be Crowned On February 25th

Thanks to Funking Conservatory for sending the following in:

Women’s Tag Championship Headlines the Next !BANG! TV Taping at the Funking Conservatory.  

Professional Wrestling comes to the Funking Conservatory, 2200 NE 36th Avenue in Ocala, Florida Sunday February 25th. Doors open at 6:30 and Showtime is 7:00pm.  

Support the Troops 12, Cold War 2 will feature for the first time ever at the Funking Conservatory a Four Girl Tag Team Championship Match with the winners being crowned Funking Conservatory Women’s Tag Team Champions.  

TNA’s Gail Kim will team up with her former opponent, Claudia “The Claw” Reiff to face The “Pop Tarts,” Miss Vicki and Lady Kimberly. The question is, Will the teams put their differences aside and work together. All four girls have volatile tempers that can explode on a moments notice. (Evidence Cat Fight I, Cat Fight II and Catfight III, the best ever on our website at  

TNA’s Head Agent, Scott D’Amore will be at the Funking Conservatory and will have to step into the ring against former NWA World Champion, Dory Funk Jr. in one of four main events.  

The Soldier, Johnny Magnum will defend his World Championship against Kory Chavis in a Lumber Jack Match. (Wrestlers will be stationed outside the ring with orders to throw back into the ring Johnny Magnum or Kory Chavis if they come to the floor or are thrown to the floor.)  

For the TV Championship, Blain Rage will face the challenge of another member of the U.S. Military returning home after duty in Iraq, Shan Chung. Shane earned the shot at the TV Championship with a victory in his first appearance on !BANG! TV in over three years last month.  

Tickets to the show are available for purchase in advance at Devon Self Storage, 2401 SW 17th Rd Ocala, Florida, Tickets can also be purchased in advance from or you can call the Funking Conservatory at – 352-895-4658 for more information.  

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