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Early Footage of Wii Version of SD Vs Raw ’08 Arises

Footage of a demonstration of the Wii version of SD Vs Raw ’08 has hit the internet. Revealing the first glimpses of what the Wiimote will bring to the Wii incarnation of SD Vs Raw ’08, the footage features some guys from Yuke’s playing a match between HHH and John Cena. The demo represents the game in an early form, and the graphics resemble the last PS2 outing for the series. As demostrated in the footage, the Wiimote will have a key role in gameplay, at least at this early stage in development, with it being utilised alongside the nunchuk to throw punche’s, utilise the Ultimate Control Moves from SD Vs Raw ’07 and hilariously to perform taunts(demonstrated via a DX crotch chop).