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UK Scene #252

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene with your friendly neighbourhood Saz. Back from our forced holiday, both myself and Devilish Angel are back to work, tanned and ready to go. Before the site stopped for maintenance I was talking about wrestling companies and how they opened up…

Welcome to the interactive UK Scene with your friendly neighbourhood Saz.

Back from our forced holiday, both myself and Devilish Angel are back to work, tanned and ready to go.

Before the site stopped for maintenance I was talking about wrestling companies and how they opened up:

With more and more wrestling companies opening up North, could this indicate a growth in the independent industry? Or is this another example of the phenomenon known as the “I wanna be in charge” factor .

If you don’t know what the former is then I shall explain, there are three models.

Model 1- The disagreement:

A wrestler or a group of wrestlers disagree with how the promoter of a company they work for is running things, they begin to make it obvious that they think things would be run better if they did it themselves. Finding no one usually listens to them, they sulk and take all their mates to make their own promotion with the sole task of burying the original promotion. There’s a war of words between the two promotions, usually public, but in the end the offshoot promotion either slowly succeeds or fails miserably and the people who were the dissenters find themselves becoming exactly like the promoter they rebelled against, but at least they are in charge. Which was what it was all about really!

Model 2- The let’s get famous quick scheme:

This is the classic that gives UK wrestling the bad name. A group of wrestlers all working together each play promoter of their own federation, then they work each promotion with each other to try and make a name for themselves on t’internet. The problem is t’internet really doesn’t give a shit and, because there is no quality control (they are all mates wrestling to get their name about and not to put on the best shows), they are putting on God awful shows that turn the general public off UK wrestling for good!

Model 3- Hit em hard and hit them spectacularly (Oops where did all my money go?):

More money than common sense, likes wrestling and wants to do a management sim live and with real wrestlers. They usually have no clue about wrestlers and will either pay over the odds for good talent or over the odds for crap talent. The wrestlers don’t care, they make money from the guy and are happy to wrestle someone who’s had 2 weeks worth of training (usually so that guy can advertise that they’ve wrestled the guy). In the end, bad business choices, arrogance and a hint of bad booking makes the company fold quicker than it began, in the end it burns itself out.

Hopefully, as Northerners are proud of their down to Earth nature, it is none of the above and we can look forward to great shows coming from the regions.

1PW are at it again, this time Italian promotion NWE have fallen foul of the 1PW spin machine. Of course, it was apparent failure to agree terms for their show, in other words NWE don’t want Reverend Gauntley to have full control.

And fair play to them, in all regards, from personal experience with the culture, the Italians are so laid back it is unbelievable, warm, friendly and great hosts. So if they are putting their foot down about something, they feel they are being severely mistreated or wronged.

Unfortunately, with several instances of 1PW striking out at the people who were trying to help, 3CW and RQW spring to mind, I cannot help but think that this is another case of 1PW trying to discredit other people for their misgivings before they are found out.

Don’t forget, the TWO UK Scene top 50 voting will take place on 5th May 2007 and will end on 2nd of June 2007.

Keep your eyes out for the talent!

What we do care about in all aspects of the UK Scene is your opinion, especially the paying punter, so if you have a say you are more than welcome to express it, whether it is a popular opinion or not.

New format to the shows and they will be kept up until the show has passed.


21CWBuilding Momentum

Wednesday 9th May

PR1 Night Club, 134 church Street, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 3BT

Doors open at 6.30 PM, Show Starts at 7.00 PM

Adults: £6, Children: £5, Family ticket: £20 (2 adults and 2 children)


  • Dave Rayne vs Dragon Aisu
  • Angel D’Souza vs El ligero

Card subject to change without prior warning


Following on from the success of No Turning Back 21CW returns to PR1 night club for Building momentum on May 9th 2007. Everyone in 21CW is dedicated to proving they are the best in British Wrestling and they have all chosen to step up and prove this again. Dragon Aisu, Superstylin’ Sam Bailey, El Ligero, Dave Rayne and a host of others have all agreed to return to wow the Preston wrestling fans. In action will be GPW and British wrestling star DDL who will be making his debut for 21CW at Building Momentum. Rivalries and feuds have started to build already after only one show and with General Manager Luke Marsden in control its going to be tough to maintain order so make sure you turn up and see the 21CW stars settle their scores.
Tickets must be purchased on the door at the night of the event.


Saturday 28th April

Liverpool Olympia (no further information, check company website).


Tickets: £8.50


  • ‘The War Machine’ Rhino vs. ‘The Guvnor’ Martin Stone
  • El Generico vs. ‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’ Pac
  • Ares vs. Spud
  • Double C vs. Dragon Phoenix
  • The Untouchables (Jack Storm/Dave Moralez) vs. The Manchester Massive (Declan O’Connor/Joey Hayes)


Tickets are all ages entry, and are operated on a ‘first come, first served basis’.


PTW Betrayed

Saturday 19th May
Luton Rugby Football Club, Newlands Road, Luton, LU1 4BQ.

Doors open 7pm, start 7.30pm.

Adults £8, Children/OAP’s/Students £5, Family of four £20.


  • PTW Hardcore Title: Jim Brooks (c) vs. Leon X!


WAWW – Second show.

Sunday June 10th

Marina Centre in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


  • Kharisma vs. ?
  • Minx vs. Jade
  • Klondyke Kate vs. Erin Angel
  • Jetta & Syke vs. The Norfolk Dolls
  • Destiny vs. Wesna
  • Sweet Saraya vs. Blue Nikita

WAW – England (WAW) vs. Scotland

May 5th

Marina Centre in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.


  • Team England (managed by Sweet Sayara) Sam Slam
  • Team Scotland (managed by Charles Boddington) Drew Galloway
  • WAW British Title: Kraft vs, Jason Cross


NBW – Debut Day 2007

Sunday 6th May

Magnus Sports Centre in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Doors open at 2:30pm and bell time is 3pm.


  • Joseph Conners vs Chebby
  • Abdullah Quadir vs Jay Techno
  • Project Ego (Kris Travis & Scotty Hex) vs. ?
  • NBW Tag Team Titles: Killer Instinct (Tiger X & Angelblade) (c) vs. The Establishment (Paul Malen & Dave Fraiser)
  • Stixx vs. Imperial Dragon

KSW – Deadly Alliance 4

Saturday 28th April

Perry Common British Legion, 641 College Road, Kingstanding, B44 0AT

Doors open at 7pm and bell time is 8pm

£7 for adults, £5 kids and £20 for a party of 4 (Dual show tickets available)


  • Rob Long vs. Stuart “T.N.T” Neale
  • Tyler Rayne vs. Brandon Thomas
  • Sevantes Hunter vs. Cupid Valentino
  • Staxx vs. Kid Flash
  • “Daring” Dick Daniels vs.Tommy Gunn
  • KSW British Championship Franco vs. Carl Mizzery (c)


Find out the card for Cruel Contentions 2 held on 12th May 2007 at Perry Common British Legion, 641 College Road, Kingstanding, B44 0AT at Deadly Alliance 4 and see what will develop.

Card (Subject to change):

  • KSW British Championship: Brandon Thomas or Tyler Rayne vs. Carl Mizzery or Franco

Tickets can be booked by calling 07833 555737 or emailing []. However, tickets can also be purchased through our online shop at


SWCW – Saturday Night Fever

Saturday 12th May

Nelson Community Centre in Nelson, Caerphilly.

Tickets are £6.

Doors open at 3pm and bell time is 3:30pm.


  • Maddog Maxx vs. Kade Callous
  • Benjamin Scott vs. Cameron Kraze
  • Flyin Mike Bird vs. El Ligero
  • Thunderbolt Tommy Dean vs. Jonny The Body
  • Spud vs. Marcus Kool
  • Ricky Hype vs. Matt Vaughn
  • Caiman & Bassey vs. The Saint & Iestyn Rees
  • Dean Christ vs. Man Mountain Matt Lomax
  • Southern Heavyweight Title: Dave Sharp (c) vs. Ashton Brown

All matches are deemed correct at time of submission, but are subject to change.


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And Finally…

Creating a UK scene that helps the UK promotions is a process of refinement, as you may have noticed the dates are now being kept up until they expire, which means if a week was missed, someone might catch a show the next week.

I am always open to suggestions on improvements and if you have any let me know.

Don’t forget to interact with the UK Scene, I can still read your comments and questions and involve people in your thoughts through the UK Scene forum.

Take care.