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21CW: Latest Card For May 9th Show

Thanks to 21st Century Wrestling for sending in the following:

Wednesday May 9th 2007

PR1 Night Club
formally Aqualenium and the Ritz

Phone Number: 01772 251 990
Fax Number: 01772 252 77021CW
Email contact:

Doors open at 6.30 PM
Show Starts at 7.00 PM

Tickets must be purchased on the door at the night of the event

Adults: £6
Children: £5 (anyone under 14 years old)
Family ticket: £20 (2 adults and 2 children)

Merchandise will be on sale at this event.

Wednesday May 9th 2007

Following on from the success of No Turning Back 21CW returns to PR1 night club for Building momentum on May 9th 2007. Everyone in 21CW is dedicated to proving they are the best in British Wrestling and they have all chosen to step up and prove this again. Dragon Aisu, Superstylin’ Sam Bailey, El Ligero, Dave Rayne and a host of others have all agreed to return to wow the Preston wrestling fans. In action will be GPW and British wrestling star DDL who will be making his debut for 21CW at Building Momentum. Rivalries and feuds have started to build already after only one show and with General Manager Luke Marsden in control its going to be tough to maintain order so make sure you turn up and see the 21CW stars settle their scores…

Dave Rayne vs. Dragon Aisu

Dave Rayne picked up an impressive victory over Clinton Steel at 21CW’s debut event No Turning Back where as Dragon Aisu was not so lucky losing to El Ligero in the main event. For both men this match is about proving who is the best in British wrestling and showing the 21CW fans what they are all about. The fans only got a taster of Dragon and Rayne at No Turning Back but it has left them hungry for more this match should be a classic.

Angel D’souza vs. El Ligero

Both Angel and El Ligero picked up big victories at No Turning Back and would love to continue that winning streak at Building momentum. With Angel D’souza attacking El ligero at the end of Ligero’s match with Dragon Aisu you can be sure Ligero is looking for revenge and will stop at nothing to get it. Angel has been going around calling himself the Cruiserweight killer and promises to end Ligero’s career using his sheer size advantage as a warm up for his match at May 20th Cruel intentions against Bubblegum. El Ligero will not go down without a fight though, this contest should be a tough one for the underdog El Ligero to over come but he is known for proving size isn’t that important. Whether you are an El Ligero fan or an Angel D’Souza fan you should be on the edge of your seat for this encounter.

DDL vs. Crux

Many people don’t realise this but CruX and DDL had two fantastic matches for WZW a few years back well before either of them were known, they won one each but never had a deciding match to settle who was the better man. This will be a match of pride and sportsmanship to see which of these competitors can pick up the victory.

Ultimate Devastation vs. Pain Inc

Paul Havoc was attacked before the last show and ended up missing the tag team match, Pain Inc are taking full credit for the beating he received and are claiming they will do it again but this time in the ring. At the same event they also assaulted Sebb after the tag match which he guest refereed. Ultimate Devastation are certainly looking for pay back but Pain Inc are not an easy team to beat especially with Ruffneck’s strength and psychotic nature. Both teams want to prove they are the best both in 21CW and the rest of the UK Indy scene so they will be going all out to lay claim to the crown best Tag team in Britain, it certainly isn’t a match to be missed…

Sean Macleane vs. Adam Fate

Two former friends who trained together and came to 21CW at the same time now go head to head after Adam Fate attacked Sean Macleane during the battle royal. Macleane eliminated Fate causing Fate to throw a tantrum, get back in the ring and eliminate Macleane, it didn’t stop there though they later brawled backstage and into the arena giving the fans an impromptu brawl during the interval at No Turning Back. Both men have proved time and time again in other companies that they are not easily defeated. To make it worse they know so much about each other, each others previous injuries, move sets, little quirks it will be hard to pick a winner but it should make for a fantastic match.

Sam Bailey vs. Zack Diamond

Zack diamond won the Battle Royal at No Turning Back and intends to use it to take himself to the top of 21CW. He however screwed the Superstylin one out of the victory to do it, Zack Diamond had paid D-Dogg to watch his back and D-dogg did that well by making sure the referee didn’t see Sam eliminate Zack giving Zack the chance to come back into the ring and throw Sam out. Sam is looking for revenge on Diamond and promises to stop at nothing until he gets his hands on Zack.

Ben Rage vs. The Fireball

Ben Rage was meant to debut at 21CW No Turning Back but decided to send out his manager Tanya Hide to deal with his opponent instead feeling El Faceo was not a suitable opponent for the Natural born superstars debut in 21CW. The Fireball is coming off a loss at the hands of Angel D’Souza so he is out to prove he is a top contender by upsetting Rage’s debut by beating him. Their is definitely alot at stake in this match with both guys wanting to show they are one of the best in 21CW but will Tanya be the deciding factor in this match as she has been extremely vocal about Bens talents and how much potential she see’s in him… Whatever part Tanya plays in this match is will be clear after the final bell has rung which of these 2 men is the Natural born superstar!!!

F8L Fury vs. Richards & Flynt

F8L fury picked up the win during the tag team battle match at No Turning Back so now they have a target on their backs as they are seen as the best team in 21CW, this doesn’t sit well with Richards and Flynt who have been very outspoken about being the best tag team in the UK and Europe. Both teams want to be the first ever 21CW Tag Team champions so this match will be so important in deciding who will eventually wear the gold.

Handicap Match: Kevin OmeGa & Chris Sabre vs. Sean Phoenix, Greg Hammond & Trent Ainscough

Kevin OmeGa and Chris Sabre, also known as Jenova came to 21CW looking for competition and they have certainly got that, they have angered GM Luke Marsden and at the same time angered his Establishment, Sean Phoenix, Greg ‘The Hatchet’ Hammond and ‘The Northern Storm’ Trent Ainscough. all 3 men attacked Sabre and OmeGa after their singles match at No Turning Back and taught them a lesson in respect for GM Luke Marsden. Now Luke has placed Jenova in a 3 on 2 handicap match to show Jenova that he has all the power in 21CW and he will not be crossed. Can OmeGa and Sabre overcome the odds or fall in line and worship Marsden we will find out at Building Momentum one way or the other…

Card subject to change without prior warning