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WWE: Smackdown Preview (18/5/07)

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This week, SmackDown rolls into Baltimore with Edge, the brand-new World Heavyweight Champion leading the way. To celebrate his championship triumph, the Rated-R Superstar will present his inaugural address on Friday Night SmackDown, just days before his first title defense against Batista.

The controversial Superstar is known for making big splashes, most notably the Live Sex Celebration with Lita following his first WWE Championship win. What can he possibly have in store for SmackDown? How will The Animal – Edge’s Judgment Day opponent – respond to the Rated-R festivities?

Also this week, the unbelievable aftermath of Edge’s title theft from last Friday’s SmackDown will be revealed as exclusive footage of Undertaker’s post-loss departure from the arena. Tune in to see the mysterious and eerie events that you didn’t see last week.

General Manager Theodore Long continues to look for an assistant. This week on SmackDown, Long will interview Vickie Guerrero at the behest of his girlfriend Kristal. Could the GM finally found the right person for the job?

Finally, legendary music icon Ozzy Osbourne will rock SmackDown with a live performance of the official theme song for Judgment Day, “I Don’t Wanna Stop”. Will WWE Superstars be ready to jam with the Prince of Darkness? Catch this first for SmackDown this week and experience a rock milestone for sports-entertainment.