The Gorilla Position

TGP: Should the stay or should they go?

“One day it’s white, the next it’s black!” is the life of a wrestler in the spotlight. Too much airtime and he becomes stale, and he is ready to be shipped to the house for a much needed vacation. Leaving the fans before they come back to a deafening chant. Hogan and Piper are masters of the leave and come back to a big crowd pop. Wrestlers, just as much loved children’s toys, have to be put on the shelf for a bit to give the fans fresh air and then come back repackaged or even with your previous name to hear the roar once more. I have thought about who should leave each brand and I found four wrestlers that could do with a vacation”

Raw: Umaga! The Samoan Bulldozer needs to be scooped out of his spot by the Great Khali. Let the McMahons become enamoured with this freak of nature and push out Umaga as quick as a 3 count. It would be easy to do, and then when they bring back Umaga after letting the Great Khali/Michaels/Cena angle burn, they can have him feud with the Great Khali. These may not be epic 4 star wars, but it gives Vince two big guys showing off size and power only seen in his brand of wrestling. It also would go with story angle on how the McMahons used him and dumped him for Khali. This logic is bound not to be used, so I shall leave it here on paper as a reminder to myself that at least I am an innovator.

Smackdown: Batista has been labouring since he has come back from his injury. I would suggest that the animal known as Batista take a break. But fate set in for you. Mr. Kennedy’s injury along with the Undertaker’s makes it impossible for you to take a break from action. The upper card in Smackdown is already too thin for your removal. So plod on, Batista, in the mud until you get a chance to go back on the shelf to reinvigorate your character, because you are wrestling at a lower level, and you are flat-lining as a character.

TNA: (1) Christopher Daniels, what are you even doing out there? You dress up as Sting and you interfere in Jerry Lynn matches. What is your purpose? Where are you supposed to be going? I don’t understand the story, which is fine, but why are you on television right now with no definition? You are trying to get on to Sting’s radar, which is great, but you have no business being there at this juncture. Right now Sting is at the top vying for the title, and you are messing around in X division bouts. This is a case where if you don’t have anything booked for someone and just throw something together. If you are being underbooked, just give the talent time to go home and rejuvenate. You can still do the Daniels/Sting angle when he comes back and there won’t be any subplot to a character that is disregarded most of the time.

(2) Rhyno is in the same shape, if not worse. Give the big man time to go home for a month and rebook him. You have nothing for him to do at this moment. Until you have an angle with some guy, don’t waste the television time on an hour show. You have too much to be told in too little time. Rhyno trashed the ECW belts and has been rewarded with a won/loss record that looks like Mick Foley’s last seven years. That is not a good thing to have at any level if you have never been on the New York Time’s best seller list”

I have given you my selections, I hope that you will see them as labouring as much as I do. Yet, there are more people not hitting on all cylinders and need some rest than there are ones at the top of their game.
I would also like to point out the best PPV of the year was Sacrifice with only one meaningless match in the chamber. I recommend it to everyone that reads this article to take a peek at it. You will not be disappointed. Sting/Angle/Cage though relatively short, was an excellent main event. I hope that all enjoyed it or will enjoy it in the future. So good night to all the pubs in the land that I am unable to attend. My Irish blood is willing but my liver is about to cave in much like if I was on HGH. Like the clash song, “Should I stay or should I go”!