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WWE: ECW Preview (22/5/07)

Bobby Lashley defeated Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon and Umaga at Judgment Day, but did not leave with the ECW World Title, thanks to a screwjob by the Chairman.
However, one night later on Raw, Lashley earned his rematch with Mr. McMahon, fending off four men (including Shane and Umaga) in a Gauntlet Match to get what he wanted: a crack at the Chairman at One Night Stand in a Street Fight for the ECW World Title. But now that Lashley got what he wanted, will Mr. McMahon and company have a response?

CM Punk humbled Elijah Burke at Judgment Day, despite the New Breed leader’s vow to lead by example and decimate the Straightedge Superstar. On the next ECW on Sci Fi, Punk and Burke will continue their war in tag team competition when Rob Van Dam joins forces with the Straightedge Superstar against the so-called "paragon of virtue" and his New Breed teammate Marcus Cor Von.

Burke and The Alpha Male will be looking for a big win over RVD and Punk; the New Breed needs one. In recent weeks, the group has been reeling from defeats – an upset loss to the young Major Brothers and then a defeat at the hands of Lashley in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match last week. In both those losses, Burke has blamed New Breeder Matt Striker. Will Striker be able to make amends, or will the New Breed’s problems continue?

The deranged Snitsky tried to decapitate ECW Original Rob Van Dam with a brutal blow to the head with a chair. Can anyone tame this savage beast?