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WWE: Smackdown *Spoilers* (25/05/07)

Chimel introduces Smackdown. Opening match – Shawn Daivari has an arab head dress on and is cutting a promo in Farsi. Chuck Palumbo rides out on a motorcycle to interrupt. It’s Palumbo vs. Daivari! Palumbo wins after 4-5 minutes with a slam and a pin then rides his hog out. He got a pretty good reaction, Daivari got good heat. JBL and Cole arrive. Chimel sets us up to show signs. SD opens and we are underway!

Edge music and promo with pyros to start. He promises to usher in a “Rated R” era. Teddy Long comes out to make a 4 way for #1 contender at One Night Stand. Mark Henry, Kane, Batista and Finlay. One Night Stand match will be in a steel cage 15 feet high!

London and Kendrick vs Regal and Taylor. Deuce and Domino come out to the ramp to watch. Kendrick gets beat up by Taylor and thrown out. He and Regal make quick tags to continue the rudo beatdown. Kendrick hits SB#2 and tags. London goes top rope, Deuce and Domino push him off for the DQ. KLC win. Brawl outside afterwards. HUGE BOO for Deuce and Domino as they leave. Good pop for KLC.

Hornswaggle gets chased by Edge backstage because he stole Edge’s belt. Finlay stops him and says you can have this back… FOR NOW!

Jillian comes out to sing “Jillatonic”. SHE STINKS! Boogeyman interrupts. She tries to flee but a diva throws her back in. She tries again and Lil Boogey blocks. They both put worms on her and she flees in horror.

Back in his office, Teddy Long officially welcomes Vickie Guerrero as his new assistant. She is thrilled and so is Kristal. Next up – Matt Hardy vs. The Miz. Miz works an arm and the crowd is tepid with excitement. Hardy gets several good pops nonetheless. Miz finally gets some heat for pulling his hair for a head slam. Miz hits a neckbreaker and poses. Matt fights back with punches. Clothesline in the corner. 2 count. Scoop slam and top rope elbow. Miz blocks a twist of fate. Hardy gets the side effect for 2 then twist of fate for 3!! BIG POP! Matt leaves holding his belt in one hand and his head in the other, and then bows to the crowd.

Mark Henry does a Titantron promo and declares himself king of the jungle. He vows to win the 4 way and promises he will show us just how vicious a silverback gorilla can be at One Night Stand! Balloon displays and a podium are brought out presumably for MVP. Balloons form two arches on the ramp and the podium is in the ring. MVP rides down to the ring in a convertible drop top like the king of the prom. He gets a pyro on the ramp and sparklers in the ring. MVP cuts a promo and says he proved he was worth every penny, and that Benoit should come out to make the celebration complete. Benoit comes out. MVP demands a handshake and Benoit gives it to him. He also demands Chris raise his hand to declare him the future and Benoit the past. MVP gets in his face and Chris gets fed up! He unleashes German suplexes and chops. MVP flees the ring and glares as Benoit poses.

On the Titantron, Kane promises the 4 way will be fatal for his opponents, and One Night Stand will be Edge’s last stand. A promo package for WWE 24/7 follows as the lights are dimmed to the strains of Van Halen’s classic “Right Now”.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang (presumably non title) as the lights come back up. Babyface beats up the heel to start and the crowd is pin drop quiet. Chavo dropkicks Yang in the knees as he goes top rope for a li’l heat. Chavo works him over, but Yang comes back with chops. Chavo applies a half crab and Yang gets to the ropes. Chavo goes for it again but Yang breaks again. They’re not booing this, but almost no one is cheering and it’s a shame. Backslide by Yang for two and a headkick followed by clotheslines and a high back bodydrop. Chavo kicks the knee again and does Eddie’s rolling suplexes. Chavo goes top rope for frogsplash and is cut off. They fight over a superplex and fall off into a roll up by Yang for 3. Yang wins but it’s non title. Chavo retains, clutching the belt like it’s his most cherished possession.

Batista is on the Titantron with Kristal. He says one guy loves to fight, one is king of the jungle, and one wants fatality – but it won’t be fatal 4 him!

Edge out first for fatal 4 way to huge boos.

Batista is out first for the 4 way, followed in order by Kane, Finlay, and Henry is last. The whole arena smells like smoke from all the pyros. Big babyface pop for Batista. Kane and Finlay to start. Batista and Henry in when they spill out. Finlay jumps on Henry’s back, but Henry finally throws him over. Cluster in the ring. Side slam by Kane on Batista. Batista top rope press on Henry for 2 count. Batista suplexes Finlay off the ropes. Henry bodysplashes them. Kane hits boots and goes for chokeslam, turns into a punch fight. Kane with boot, Batista clotheslines. Henry powerbombs Kane. Henry scoops Batista for the strong slam but gets 2 count. Cluster again and Finlay hits everyone with the shillalegh! Little Bastard in and Batista spears Finlay so Little Bastard runs away. Big demon bomb by Batista on Finlay for the 1 2 3. Batista is the new No. 1 contender!

Batista stares down Edge, who is sitting at announcer’s table and leaves, getting big pops the whole time.